All different kinds of OTAKU



“Otoh after a long time + a new hire = Yamada?!”

One day at Wagnaria.

Kyoko: Otoh is getting back today, better yet, souvenirs are incoming.

Popura: Whoopee, Otoh!

Takanashi: It may not be candy.

Kyoko: Don’t be kidding, Takanashi! I’ll punch you!

Takanashi: You know he’s had something like a mask, too. He could bring back anything…

When he turns around, the man is standing there.

Otoh: Hi, everyone.

They see a girl behind his back.

Takanashi: Uh, who is she?

They’re all confused at the strange girl.

Takanashi: D, do you know her?

Popura: No, I don’t. Maybe a new hire?

Mahiru: But Kyoko is supposed to make the decision. Do you know her, Kyoko?

Kyoko: That’s… not food!

She’s being the most upset among them.

Takanashi: Inami, can you take away the manager for somewhere she doesn’t get in us?

Mahiru: Oh?!

Takanashi: Mr. Otoh, you’ve always bought some souvenirs on your way to find your missing wife but have you snatched a girl who looked alike your wife today?

Popura: Oh!

Mahiru: Isn’t that kidnapping?

Popura: You shouldn’t do that, Otoh!

Otoh: No, that isn’t right! Anyway, introduce yourself first.

Aoi: Sure. I’m Aoi Yamada. Uh, how old are you?

Takanashi: Me? I’m 16.

Aoi: Then I’m 16, too.

Takanashi: ( Then? She’s suspicious… ) What is all about the girl?

Otoh: You know, I was looking for my wife as always, then, at one station…


There was a girl standing outside the station by herself.

Otoh: It was late and dangerous for a girl. I figured she might have been lost, too. So I talked to her…

Aoi: I was living in a poor but humble family. Unfortunately, we caught a fire on our house and it burned down in the end. All our families managed to escape from it but I terribly stumbled and hit my head just a minute ago. Since then, I’ve lost all my memories and now I have no home, no place to go back.

Her talk was too fluently to believe but…

Otoh: With her age… becoming alone… it couldn’t be happen…!

He’s even crying.

Takanashi: Yes, it sounds pretty fishy.

Otoh: Fishy?

Aoi starts trembling behind Otoh.

Takanashi: Yes, her story doesn’t hang together and hard to believe. Maybe because she had run away from home and didn’t have any place to go back, she tried to rely on Otoh who looked so gentle.

Aoi: Ugh!!!

His guesses seem to be exactly right.

Aoi: N, no…

Takanashi: ( She’s pretty easy to understand… )

Otoh: Oh, are you alright?

Popura: Katanashi, it’s not nice of you to call a girl liar!

Mahiru: She’s right. Oh, poor girl, she’s trembling.

Takanashi: ( But there might be a serious reason with her… ) Um, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Since you had a fire, you might have had a difficult time losing most of your things, right?

Aoi: Ah, not really. I’m bringing in everything I need.

She shows a large suitcase.

Takanashi: ( Does she have any intention to cover her lies? )

By the way, Yamada is my favorite character in this story.

( to be continued )


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