All different kinds of OTAKU



Otoh has been back with a girl named Yamada. She claims she’s lost her memories and has no place to go.

Otoh: So, as it is, I want you to let her in here. What do you say, manager Shirafuji?

But she’s pretty upset with him not having any sweets for her.

Kyoko: I won’t accept anything but food that you bring back!

Mahiru: Come on, Kyoko.

Popura: It’s poor thing!

Aoi: Um, excuse me?

Kyoko: Shut up! Go away!

Aoi offers her a box of rich sweets.

Kyoko: Now, you’re employed.

She’s already munching a sweet bun at the next moment.

Takanashi: Uh…

Kyoko: Otoh, she’s rather promising, right?

Otoh: Oh, that’s very good.

Aoi: ( Just as Otoh told me, it’s good to have sweets for her. )

She’s pretty relieved in mind.

Popura: Wow, a new hire! Welcome, Aoi! I’m Popura Taneshima and she’s Inami!

Mahiru: N, nice to meet you.

Popura: You know, you’ve had a lot of trouble like a fire and losing your memories but you can think of us as your sisters in here! We’re both 17.

Takanashi: ( Oh, she’s totally taken in her stories… )

Aoi: Sisters… it’s too much for me that I can’t help being nervous. Nice to meet you, too.

Saying so, she’s patting on Popura’s head that usually the elder one does to the younger one.

Takanashi: ( You’re already being looked down on, senpai! )

Aoi: So petite.

Kyoko: Then you look after her, Takanashi.

Takanashi: Me?!

Aoi: ( Uh, he seems rather smart and to be a difficult man. )

Takanashi: Hey, didn’t you just figure me a difficult man?

Aoi: Oh, I didn’t!

Takanashi: Anyway, nice to meet you, Yamada, although I recommend you go home any soon.

Aoi: Huh?

Takanashi: …Yamada?

Aoi: Oh, I just remembered I am Yamada.

Takanashi: Is it a false name?!

Otoh: Then I want you to start working.

Aoi: Sure!

Takanashi: “Sigh…”

He doesn’t feel easy about training her at all.

( to be continued )


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