All different kinds of OTAKU



A few days after Yamada has belonged to Wagnaria.

Soma: Let’s see if I’m having some fun today.

When he’s in the kitchen, he sees Sato looking into the fridge.

Soma: What’s up, Sato?

He finds the fridge being taken up with huge amount of natto (= a Japanese food made of fermented beans ) instead of regular ingredients.

Soma: Speaking of Yamada, she just started living in the store.

Sato: Bring her here.

She appears in a moment and starts excuses.

Aoi: You know, I like natto.

Sato: Fine. Get rid of them right now.

Aoi: But beans are healthy.

Sato: Put them away!

Soma: There, there, Sato. Why do you bother with just some natto? What about using gas in the kitchen herself? And also using garbage bags, cups and dishes, even taking a customer’s table up into the attic? Aren’t they all even worse?

Sato gets more upset and starts pulling her hair.

Aoi: N, no violence!!

Yachiyo: Hey, don’t get so mad at her, Sato.

Sato: Todoroki…

Aoi: Oh, Yachiyo!

She escapes to her.

Yachiyo: I know you need a fridge since you’re living in here, though try put aside your foods as much as you can so we can use the fridge for our ordinary work, OK?

Aoi: Yes!

Yachiyo: And don’t forget to ask permissions before you use those utilities.

Aoi is just nodding to her totally accepting her words.

Yachiyo: See? She’s so cute, isn’t she?

But Aoi makes a face at Sato instead.

Sato: …No, she isn’t.

Anyway he’s back to Soma.

Soma: Todoroki, she seems she’s pretty fond of Yamada, doesn’t she?

Sato: I don’t think very much of her myself, although I’m not sure how to put it out.

Yachiyo: Seeing Aoi, I feel like…

Just then the manager’s passing by her.

Kyoko: Food, some food.

Aoi: Hmm?

Yachiyo: She’s a little alike Kyoko – especially with her eyes!

Sato: ( Oh, that’s why I don’t like her. )

Not only because of her laziness but also her looks keep Sato away.

( to be continued )


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