All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi sees Aoi passing by him at Wagnaria.

Aoi: Ah, Yachiyo is wonderful.

Takanashi: You said so about Otoh just before.

Aoi: Otoh is my father and Yachiyo is my mother!

Takanashi: All right.

Aoi: With no families right now, Yamada desperately want my own one.

Takanashi: Ah…

He feels a little sorry for her, though…

Aoi: And some love and hate romance like a soap opera!

Takanashi: What then?

Aoi: Got it! I just made up my mind!

Meanwhile Yachiyo is wiping tables in the dining room, where Kyoko shows up.

Kyoko: How is Yamada doing, Yachiyo?

Yachiyo: Although she still needs to learn a lot, she’s so sweet!

Kyoko: Sweet, huh?

Yachiyo: Sure, sweet! Don’t you think so, Otoh?

She askes him just passing by them.

Otoh: Um, yes.

Kyoko: Hugh?

Otoh: ( Todoroki is so happy maybe because I didn’t bring back any sweets this time, although the manager Shirafuji is bad-tempered. )

Just there Aoi is cutting in.

Aoi: Hey, Yachiyo!

Yachiyo: What’s up, Aoi?

Takanashi: ( What the hell is she doing?! )

He’s worried to be watching them.

Aoi: Would you be my mother please?

Yachiyo: Your mother?

Aoi: Yes, Otoh is my father so please get married to him!

By the way, when you call his name in Japanese polite way, it’s be Otoh-san, which pronounces the same “otousan(= dad)”. His name is supped to be made like a father, after all.

Back to the story, Yachiyo and Otoh are pretty shocked by Aoi’s proposal.

Aoi: Then go cat fighting with her wife!

Takanashi: ( You’re just seeing it right now, Yamada! )

Yachiyo: Ugh, I was totally happy not being taken Kyoko by Otoh’s sweets this time and we welcomed a new employee, too…

She slowly pulls off her katana that pretty scares Aoi, who’s seen it for the first time.

Yachiyo: A marriage with Otoh? It’s totally out of the blue. Why are you always trying to break up my happy days with Kyoko, Otoh!?

She points her katana at Otoh for some reason.

Otoh: ( Oh, she pointed her spearhead at me after all! )

Kyoko: Hey, Yamada. Whatever you want, Yachiyo is mine. I won’t give her either to you or Otoh.

This line “Yachiyo is mine” echoes in Yachiyo’s mind, which successfully puts out her flame.

Yachiyo: I’m sorry, Aoi. I belong to Kyoko, you know.

Kyoko: Hey, make me some parfait, Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: Sure, Kyoko!

She’s pretty happy to company with Kyoko.

Takanashi: Are you OK, Otoh?

Otoh: Yeah, I think I’m getting used to it.

Aoi: I didn’t know how scary she gets upset…

Otoh: Ah, Yamada…

He figures how she was frightened at her katana, though…

Aoi: A dream mother! I love her!

Takanashi: What are you looking for your families?

( to be continued )


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