All different kinds of OTAKU



One day at Wagnaria, Aoi looks especially sad today.

Aoi: Otoh has gone…

She’s crying with his monochrome picture, which is supposedly seen at funerals.

Takanashi: You know, his main occupation is to find his wife.

Popura: Aoi is very depressed.

Takanashi: Like she’s in the mood of funeral.

Aoi even offers some foods and incense to his portrait, which is completely the manner of funerals.

Takanashi: No, Yamada!

Popura: Otoh is still alive!

But she’s too sad to listen to them.


Either way, Aoi keeps making mistakes with her tasks after he’s gone.

Takanashi: Yamada, you slacked cleaning our rest room, did you? Soma told me.

Sato: Yamada, you’re stealing our sauce little by little everyday, aren’t you? Soma told me.

She’s totally freaked out at the fact they’ve already known it.

Soma: Sorry, Yamada but I was told to let them know when you did something bad, although I won’t tell them about the wrong order you just made…

In fact, he has no intention to hide it for her.

Takanashi and Sato: YAMADA!

Naturally they both get more upset at her.

Aoi: Soma is mean!

Takanashi: He won’t as long as you’re doing right , Yamada.

Aoi: How come he can take such advantage of me? Who is he, after all?

Takanashi: No idea.

Aoi: If I get some secrets out of him, he might be nicer to me and I get myself free reins again!

Takanashi: Do your job honestly!

( to be continued )


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