All different kinds of OTAKU



To take advantage of Soma, Aoi starts asking around Wagnaria’s people.

Girls: Soma?

Mahiru: Actually I’ve talked to him few times because I always hit him before that.

Popura: You know, he knows a lot of things and knows a lot and knows… Oh, I don’t know anything about Soma even though I’m working with him. I’m a terrible girl!

For whatever reasons, she starts blaming herself.

Mahiru: There, there, Taneshima…

Then Aoi comes to Sato and Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: About Soma?

Sato: Come to think of it, I don’t know anything about him. He only talks about others. Hm, I think he’s a little mean.

Aoi: I can see that.

Yachiyo: It’s not nice of you to say so, Sato!

Sato: Then what do you know of him?

Yachiyo: I do know everything about Kyoko, though.

Sato: Huh!

Yachiyo: Do you wanna listen?

Sato: Yamada, you’d better go now. Her story’s going to last forever.

With his advice, she runs out of kitchen, where she happens to meet Soma himself.

Soma: Hi, Yamada. You’ve been sneaking around me? Have you had any clues?

Aoi: No, nothing.

Soma: Oh, that’s too bad.

Aoi: You’re a so poor guy!

Soma: What’s that? Why are you crying?!

Aoi: There’s no one who knows you well and Sato even said you were mean.

Soma: That’s terrible! I just don’t like to talk about myself.

Aoi: All the guys in this restaurant seem pretty friendly each other, though you don’t have any friends! I’m sorry for you!

She’s crying even louder, which makes him confused.

Soma: Stop crying anyway. If somebody sees us…

Unfortunately, someone’s already watching them.

Popura: Soma is making Aoi crying… I didn’t know such kind of man you were!

She runs away yelling at him.

Soma: Hey, Taneshima!! ( Damn! I’ve been taken my advantage for the first time! )

Aoi: Even Taneshima has left behind you! You poor thing, Soma! I will listen to whatever you say, poor Soma!

Soma: Um, could you stop repeating “Poor Soma”?

Aoi: Kawai-Soma-san? ( Combination words of poor and Soma )

Soma: And don’t put them together, either.

Aoi: You can think of me as your sister and tell me whatever.

Soma: Um, I don’t…

But seeing her crying face, he doesn’t think he has other options.

Soma: …I appreciate it…

Aoi: Sure, tell me anything!

Now she’s so happy that she’s skipping down the aisle.

Aoi: Oh, I’m on duty… my duty…

Takanashi: What did you threaten her with?

Soma: No, it’s rather opposite of that…

He seems pretty exhausted.

( to be continued )


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