All different kinds of OTAKU



Aoi hears a conversation from the kitchen while she’s drying glasses. She goes to find out who Yachiyo is talking to.

Yachiyo: …Then, Kyoko relished my parfait! I was very, very happy about it!

Aoi understands it’s Sato who’s listening to her story.

Soma: Sigh.

Takanashi: Are you all right? Oh, Sato is listening to her happy love stories again. I wonder how he can put up with her every time.

Soma: You’re too sweet, Takanashi!

He suddenly recovers from depression.

Takanashi: ( This guy’s suddenly picked up… )

Soma: A lady is the most beautiful when she’s talking about her love.

Actually she looks so happy with a smile while Sato looks miserable.

Soma: Look, happiness and unhappiness live together!

Takanashi: ( It’s heartbreaking to see… )

Having done with her talk about Kyoko, Yachiyo gets back to her job.

Yachiyo: Now I’ve got to work.

Aoi: Hey, Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: What’s up, Aoi?

Aoi: What were you telling Sato?

Yachiyo: Well, it was actually me asking him to listen to my love stories, aha.

Aoi: Was that OK?

Yachiyo: Um, I guess not. I’m always talking about myself, although Sato has his own love.

Aoi: Sato loves Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: What?

She has no hesitation in breaking such a topic.

Aoi: Even though I don’t like Sato, I feel sorry for him.

Yachiyo: Uh, it couldn’t be…

Aoi: He’s apparently kind to you – he hardly says no to you or gets upset either.

Takanashi: ( Yamada! She’s got a nose for it even always being lazy! )

He and Soma are watching them behind the wall.

Aoi: It’s you, Yachiyo, that Sato loves.

While Yachiyo is being stunned, Soma comes in and takes Aoi away.

Soma: All right, Yamada. Come here. You shouldn’t say that. If you speak whatever you’ve learned or noticed, you’d totally mess up people’s relationship. Think it over again.

Takanashi thinks he unusually gives her a good advice, though…

Soma: Geez, it turned out to be very funny.

He even pats on her head.

Takanashi: Don’t praise her!

Soma and Aoi are the same type in a way.

( to be continued )


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