All different kinds of OTAKU



The next day, as Takanashi is mopping the floor, the manager passes by him

Takanashi: Uh, Manager?

Kyoko: What?

Takanashi: You mentioned before that you didn’t want to have any love affairs in here, right?

Kyoko: Why now?

Takanashi: Well…

Kyoko: Love affairs, either light or heavy ones, they will help nothing in an organization, especially when it is an one-sided or a triangle love, it would completely stop the organization from working and that sucks. Of course, as far as our restaurant is concerned, I have no worry about such trouble.

Takanashi: I, I’m not so sure.

They see Yachiyo cleaning the front glass.

Yachiyo: ( Sato does me… I’ve been talking about my love stories in front of such a person… )

She regrets what she’s ever done to him.

Kyoko: Hey, are you all right, Yachiyo?

Yachiyo: Hi, Kyoko…

Kyoko: Have it.

She feeds one of her snacks.

Yachiyo: I’m going to seppuku(= suicide by cutting your own abdomen ) so please help me do that.

She’s so ashamed of her deeds that she thinks she’s supposed to die.

Kyoko: Slow down.

Yachiyo just cries in her chests. Takanashi thinks he should leave them alone.

Takanashi: Oh, sorry, senpai. I couldn’t see you.

He bumps into Popura whose face is drawn words and marks with pen. By the way, chibikko, the word on her forehead, means a kid.

Takanashi: Oh!

Then, she starts crying loudly.

Takanashi: It’s terrible!

Popura: Sato! He did it!

Even knowing why Sato did such a terrible thing on her, he’s going to complain it but there’s another disaster just happening in the kitchen.

Takanashi: Sato?

Soma: Hey, watch your hand, Sato! You ice it quick!

Sato: Ah.

He seems to have burned himself during cooking. Maybe his mind was wandering because of his problem with Yachiyo.

Takanashi: He looks so shocked even not getting any answer from her.

Soma: Well, he’s as good as had her answer already, however, having them in that condition, who’re two of our most hard workers in the kitchen and the dinning area, I’m sure the restaurant’s got to down.

Popura: Are Sato and Yachiyo arguing?

By the way, she’s been trying to erase her graffiti on her face with Takanashi’s shirt.

Soma: Hm, OK. I’ll leave it to you, Taneshima.

Takanashi: ( He tossed… )


So, she has them sit at the same table.

Popura: No fight! Talk out and make it up!

But Sato and Yachiyo are being pretty nervous. Popura can’t stand their pressure and she runs back to Takanashi in the end.

Popura: Sorry, I couldn’t make it…

Takanashi: You’ve done very well as you sit them at the same table at least. Now you can go back to your work, thanks.

( to be continued )


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