All different kinds of OTAKU



As facing each other at the same table, Sato and Yachiyo are getting pretty nervous, though he tries to break this long silence.

Sato: Todoroki.

Yachiyo: Y, yes?

Sato: I … you …

But she’s so worried she doesn’t want to hear his following words. He sees it and decides to switch the topic.

Sato: You know, I can see a ghost behind you.

Yachiyo: Huh?

Takanashi: ( Sato’s gone crazy! )

Soma: ( Even Todoroki is confused! )

Of course they’ve been peeping them, by the way.

Yachiyo: A ghost?

Sato: Yes, the ghost has been haunting a person and it worries she should see the world and have some experience more, even though she looks happy herself.

Takanashi: Is he clouding it before she refuses him?

Soma: I think he means exactly herself…

They’re all stunned by his crazy stories he made up.

Sato: It’s no use telling you this so I’ve been kept it in mind.

In fact, he’s pretty worried if she just finds him a nut, however she’s easy to be fooled.

Yachiyo: Oh, I didn’t know that!

Sato: ( I’m always upset how she could be such a fool, though I am glad now so she is. )

He lights a cigarette so he can relax.

Yachiyo: I’m sorry I had a wrong idea. I might have been too careless and self-conscious.

Sato: So now you can leave for your job. Tell Taneshima I said thanks.

Yachiyo: You’re so kind, Sato. I like you the best among men!

He coughs by her innocent comment.

Yachiyo: Are you all right?!

Sato: No problem.

Yachiyo: Now I’m back to the dinning area.

The guys come in as she’s left.

Soma: Congratulations! You’re the best among men!

Takanashi: It turned out all right, Sato!

Sato: Ah.

Takanashi: So, keep up your job as usual, please?

Sato: Yeah, though I’ll go home today.

Takanashi: S, see you.

Soma: Oh, not again, Sato! Hey, listen!

Of course he’d have to do all the job in the kitchen by himself without Sato.


Takanashi: “Sigh”

Aoi: What’s wrong with you?

He happens to meet her as he’s out of the rest room.

Aoi: You may have had some fun with your friends while I was out?

Takanashi: Never so funny!

Aoi: That’s not fair! Let me join in you, too!

Takanashi: You’re the one who has to be blamed for this after all! Hey, what’s in your hand?

He notices her carrying a large box.

Aoi: Oh, I’m taking this to the garbage…

She’s so upset she lets the box fall and many broken dishes come out of it.

Aoi: Ah! I, it’s not my fault, you know…

Takanashi: Y…YAMADA!!!

She meant to throw the dishes before anyone found it out. His yelling echos inside the restaurant again.

( to be continued )


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