All different kinds of OTAKU



With the trouble of water pipes, they’re all free from their work tomorrow.

Aoi: Yama yama yama yama…

She’s crying in the staff room with a funny voice.

Mahiru: I’m sorry for you being locked up tomorrow.

Aoi: Yes, so please let me feel better!

Popura: There, there. Oh, if only you aren’t supposed to be in the “restaurant”, how about going out with us?

Aoi: Eh?

Popura: Let’s say a spa that’d be good for a day-trip, too!

Aoi: A spa…? I must want to go there!!

Popura: It should be relaxing there!

Yachiyo: What’s the matter with a spa?

She appears in the room with Kyoko after changing their uniform.

Popura: Hi, Yachiyo.

Aoi: Let’s go to a spa with us tomorrow, Yachiyo!

Yachiyo: Me, too?

Aoi: I really want to go with all of us!

Yachiyo: Sorry, but it’s a day off tomorrow so I have to take care of Kyoko.

Kyoko: A spa… where I might have some onsen-manjyu ( spa-buns ).

Onsen-manjyu is a type of steamed bun which is popular souvenir in many spa resorts in Japan.

Yachiyo: Oh, are you going, Kyoko?!

Kyoko: Yeah, it’s good to eat them after a long time.

Yachiyo: Then I’ll company with you, of course.

Popura: Then can I ask you to drive us there in your car?

Kyoko: Yup.

Popura and Aoi: Yes!!

Popura: Please pick us up at 8, at the 2nd street park. Does that work for you?

Kyoko: All right.

Yachiyo: See you tomorrow.

Kyoko: Spa buns, buns…

They’re leaving together.

Popura: Good night!

Aoi: You’re coming, too, Inami?

Mahiru: Eh?

Popura: You’ll be OK in Kyoko’s car, right?

Mahiru: But, even if we’re only girls in the car on each way, there’d be lots of men once we arrive there.

Popura: But I think you’ve been getting used to men with Katanashi’s help, haven’t you?

Mahiru: Uh, I’m not sure…

Aoi: Yes, I feel like you’re hitting him less times than before!

Mahiru: Oh, you may be right since I’ve hit him just three times today!

Popura and Aoi: ( Oh, she did even three times… )

They suddenly become worried with the fact.

Mahiru: Actually I’ve been invited from school friends some times, though I always declined since I couldn’t go. So, I want to come this time…

Popura: T, then, why not? We’ll do our best for you when you meet men!

Aoi: I, I’ll be your bodyguard, too.

Even saying so, they wonder if they could keep Mahiru from hitting men.

Mahiru: T, then…


Takanashi: You aren’t going to a spa, are you, Inami?

He appears in the room and looks a little upset.

Popura: She’ll be OK, Katanashi! We’ll stay together and do our best, too!

Aoi: Yup!

Takanashi: Even with your effort, her sickness isn’t that easy to take care of. Actually, I was hit four times today.

Mahiru: Oh, did I?

Popura and Aoi: ( One time increased… )

Takanashi: Even worse, the spa resort should be crazy crowded on weekend. It’s as good as throwing a mad dog into a herd of sheep. It’s too dangerous!

Mahiru: …I’m coming!

She feels pretty bad at him.

Takanashi: Eh?

Mahiru: I can go to a spa! I want to go out with my friends once in a while!

Takanashi Uh…

Mahiru: I’ll be all right, maybe!!

Saying so, she runs off.

Popura: Oh, Inami! Man, you’re stupid, Katanashi!

Aoi: You’re a fool, fool-hippo!

And they run after Mahiru.

Takanashi: Um…

He’s a little regret of what he’s said to Mahiru.

( to be continued )


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