All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi is thinking about the quarrel he had with Mahiru after work, where Sato and Soma are in.

Takanashi: You’ve done with your work in the kitchen?

Sato: Yeah.

Soma: I was invited by Yamada and they said they were going to a spa tomorrow.

Takanashi: Right. And Inami also wanted to go with them.

Soma: It should switch into a dangerous area from a happy resort that was supposed to be.

Takanashi: I guess so.

They look pretty worried.

Sato: Why don’t you go with her as you’re so worried?

Takanashi: You know, I’ve got something to do since I got a day off.

Sato: Hm.

Soma: Even you may get behind with your chores as you work everyday shift?

Takanashi: No, I’m perfect with the chores. I just thought it’d be a good day for sun drying plum pickles.

Soma: Oh, so Inami got lost by plum pickles, right? By the way, don’t you go with them, Sato?

Sato: I’m not interested in spas.

Soma: Oh, yeah? I think you’d have few chances to see Todoroki just out of bathing.

Sato has the image of her out of the bath in his mind and then starts kicking Soma’s butt for some reason.

Soma: Hey, it hurts, it hurts, Sato!

Sato leaves for the changing room.

Soma: Don’t you think it wasn’t nice of him kicking me so hard? Well, thinking of Inami, she may have gone out with her friend few times because of her fear of men. That makes me feel sorry for her.

Takanashi: Well…

Actually he feels the same for Mahiru.

After getting back home, he talks to Nazuna about it while they’re doing the dishes together.

Nazuna: So, that’s the story?

Takanashi: Yeah.

Nazuna: You can go out with your friend once in a while, too?

Takanashi: Oh, you don’t have to worry about me. And I’ve got to do sun drying the plums tomorrow.

Nazuna: Hm, all right. I’ll help you with that, too.

Takanashi: Thanks.

Nazuna: I like laying plums!

Takanashi: I know, you gave me a hand every year.

Even after lying on the bed, he’s still thinking of Mahiru.

Takanashi: I’m pretty sure something’s going to happen. I feel like I’m guilty since I won’t do nothing even realizing it and I’m in charge of looking after her. But it’ll be a good day for sun drying plums at the same time…

Then he looks back on Mahiru who wished to go out with her friend once in a while.

( to be continued )


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