All different kinds of OTAKU



In the meantime, Mahiru is packing for the spa in her room.

Mahiru: Now, a towel and a bathing suit, are they needed or not? Oh, I don’t know what I should wear to bathe in a spa? “Sigh”

She seems a little regret.

Mahiru: ( Although I said I was coming under the circumstances, I’m getting worried now but I really want to go with them, too… )

She picks up her cellphone and makes a call to someone.

On the same time, Takanashi catches a phone call with his cellphone.

Takanashi: Oh, who’s calling this late?

He answers the call anyway.

Takanashi: Hello?

Aoi: I’m too excited to go asleep!

Knowing the caller, he gives a big sigh.

Aoi: I’m pumped up about the spa tomorrow! Please talk to me something until I fall asleep.

Takanashi: You just go to bed, Yamada.

He’s a little upset.

Aoi: But I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

By the way, she’s calling him with the restaurant’s phone.

Takanashi: First of all, are you guys really sure that Inami can make it?

Aoi: You can come with us, too, as you’re so worried.

Takanashi: Ugh…

Being taken a point, he can’t say anything back to her.


On the other hand, Mahiru has just finished talking on the phone.

Mahiru: Oh, I see. Thank you, Taneshima. So, you mean we’ll be naked when we bathe in the spa? Eeh?!

She’s pretty shocked because, in that way, she has to show her petit tits in front of her friends especially Popura who’s got big tits unlike her, which makes Mahiru pretty embarrassed.

Mahiru: ( I can try to make it a little bigger… )

She comes down to the kitchen and drinks milk.

( to be continued )


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