All different kinds of OTAKU



The next day morning, Takanashi has been to the station in the end.

Soma: I was sure you’d come.

Takanashi: Uh…

Back to the early morning, when Takanashi woke up and came downstairs, he found Nazuna in the living room.

Takanashi: Nazuna?

Nazuna: Oh, good morning! Today I’ll be sun-drying these plums by myself!

She already started laying the plums on dishes.

Takanshi: What?

Nazuna: I’ve already learned how to do this since I helped you every time. So you can go out and get relaxed today.

Takanashi: Oh, Nazuna… ( She’s really grown up… )

He was supposed to be happy to see her growth but, in fact, he’s shocked because he likes things to be smaller.

Back to the station.

Soma: You’re happy to have such a good sister, eh?

Takanashi: Um, yes. So, why did you decide to come?

Soma: Of course to see you act bravely! With Inami in the spa resort, who knows what happens? I can’t help getting excited!

Takanashi: Don’t get excited by such a thing.

They get on their bus anyway while Nazuna is working on the plums at home.


In the meantime, the team girls have been waiting for Kyoko at the park entrance.

Yachiyo: Kyoko has been late.

Aoi: She must be oversleeping.

Yachiyo: Oh, my! I don’t have a cellphone. I’ll go and see her…

Mahiru: Yachiyo, you can use mine.

Yachiyo: Thank you! ( Calling Kyoko’s phone ) Hello, Kyoko? This is Yachiyo. Where are you now? What? Hey, Kyoko?! ( Ends calling ) Um, how do I hang up this?

She returns it to Mahiru.

Mahiru: What did she say?

Yachiyo: Well, she seemed she was still asleep. She shut down the phone quick.

Popura: She won’t come then?!

Aoi: I’ve been looking forward to it since last night so I can’t wait anymore!

Yachiyo: Taking her condition into account, we’d better call her again after some time.

Aoi: Oh, no.

Popura: You can’t go on the bus, Inami?

Mahiru: I’m afraid I can’t.

Yachiyo: What should we do?

Just then, a car stopped at the traffic light by them.

Aoi: That’s Sato!

Girls: Oh?

Aoi runs up to the car and jumps on it’s windshield, which makes him so surprised.

Sato: A, are you Yamada?!

Aoi: Hi, Sato. We’ve met here after a million-year. It must be a fate that you’ve got to take us to the spa!

Yachiyo: I’m sorry to have surprised you, Sato, but Kyoko is still sleeping…

Sato: Huh?

Yachiyo: So, could you happen to drive us to the spa? Please, Sato…

Of course, he can’t refuse her.

Sato: Get in, guys.

Yachiyo: Oh, thank you!

Aoi and Popura: Yes!!


But things don’t go so easy. Mahiru is afraid of getting in the same car with a man.

Yachiyo: Taking account of Mahiru, I’ll be waiting for Kyoko here with her.

Mahiru: I’m really sorry.

Aoi: But he did offer us a lift!

Yachiyo: But, Kyoko-

Popura: You really can’t go in his car?

Mahiru: N, no…

Aoi and Popura: Oh…

They both look like a child who’s really begging for something, which Yachiyo and Mahiru can’t resist so, in the end, they all get in his car.

Aoi and Popura: Now let’s go!

Yachiyo and Mahiru: Um, let’s go…

Sato: All right.

So, with an unexpected meet with Sato, they managed to leave off to the spa.

( to be continued )


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