All different kinds of OTAKU



Getting in Sato’s car, they were finally off to the spa resort.

Yachiyo: Sorry about pushing it, Sato.

Of course she’s sitting in the front seat, right next to him.

Sato: It’s OK. I was just returning DVDs.

But Mahiru doesn’t look very good – almost trembling – in the back seat.

Popura: Inami…

Mahiru: Don’t hit him… I must be patient!

In the narrow car space, her fear for men is getting pretty stronger.

Popura: You know, Inami, you’re always assuming Sato and Soma as women when you go to take dishes, right?

Mahiru: Y, yes.

With her advice, she tries to think of Sato as a woman.

Mahiru: ( Sato is a woman… Oh, I’m feeling better! Now I just have to not see him until we arrive. )

Popura is relieved to see her become a little relaxed. Aoi is absorbed in watching the view outside the car, by the way.

Yachiyo: Sato, do you want a gum?

Sato: Yeah, please.

Yachiyo: All right.

She feeds him directly with her hand over his palm, which he’s pretty embarrassed at.

Sato: T, Todoroki?!

He’s so surprised he messes up with the wheel. The car’s suddenly running rough and the passengers get panicked, especially Mahiru.

Mahiru: Oh, no!! I’m gonna hit him!!

Popura: Hold on, Inami!

Just then, the car’s pulled off to the shoulder with a small bang.

Sato: …Run out of gas.


Eventually they get out of the car. Mahiru is recovering her breath.

Popura: You did hold on, Inami.

Sato: I forgot filling her up after I returned DVDs.

Yachiyo: Ah.

Aoi: You’re dull, Sato.

Getting a bit upset, he gives her a head clinch.

Aoi: It hurts!!

Yachiyo: Now what should we do?

Sato: We can’t find any gas stations nere here.

Just then, a car stopped by them.

Sato: Huh?

Kyoko: Hey, what are you guys doing here?

It’s Kyoko who’s in the car.

Yachiyo: Oh, Kyoko! Why have you been here?

Kyoko: As I heard your voice, I felt like to eat spa buns so I stepped on it.

Yachiyo: Great, Kyoko, just the right time!

Sato: …”Tut”

Of course, he’s not happy with her show-up.

Aoi: Hm?

Popura: Now, you’re totally OK, Inami.

Mahiru: Yes! What a relief!

They manage to continue their trip in Kyoko’s car, leaving behind poor Sato.

( to be continued )


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