All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi just made it in time before Mahiru hit the guys in spa resort. But he ended up being beaten by her instead.

Mahiru: Oh, I know this feeling.

Takanashi: Sure you do!

Being scared of her violence, the guys who talked to the girls have fled.

Popura: Katanashi?!

Soma: He’s come long way to here since he was worried about Inami, after all.

Takanashi: Come on, Soma!

Mahiru: Oh, man…

She feels happy, though…

Takanashi: I can’t bother other people by letting you loose.

Mahiru: ( He’s so mean! )

Just then, a man trying to take a picture bumped into Mahiru’s back.

Man: Oh, sorry.

Mahiru: Eek!!

Takanashi manages to hold her back before she hits back the man. He used his toy hand as he usually does with her.

Takanashi: Inami, it’s dangerous staying in here so let us move to somewhere with less people.

Mahiru: W, wait, Takanashi?!

Because he’s pulling her color like a house dog, she’s got to feel pretty embarrassed.

Soma: Great work, Takanashi.

Popura: Now it’ll be all good that we leave Inami to Katanashi.

Aoi: Sure, and it’ll be all good, too, leaving me to Soma!

She jumps on his back.

Soma: It’s a bit heavy, Yamada…

Aoi: I’m getting hungry, Soma!

Popura: She’s right. Why don’t we go to have a little early lunch?

Kyoko: Sounds good. Let’s go, Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: Sure!

Popura: Don’t be late, Soma!

Aoi: Hurry, hurry!

Soma: W, wait…

Takanashi’s on Mahiru and Soma’s on Aoi, they’ve got to take care of each girl today.

( to be continued )


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