All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi is taking Mahiru to the less crowded place.

Mahiru: Hey, Takanashi?

Takanashi: What?

Mahiru: Um…

Takanashi: How could you be so reckless? But you wanted to come, right? You can take full advantage of it and enjoy yourself as long as we keep empty places.

Mahiru: You’re somehow so kind, Takanashi.

Takanashi: I will be taking you out for a walk all day!

Mahiru: ( A walk? )

Although she doesn’t care for the word very much, she decides to follow him.

Takanashi: Now, let’s go!

In the meantime, the other team has just finished lunch.

Popura: It was very good!

Aoi: I enjoyed having meal together!

Kyoko: I’ll have spa-buns for the next round.

Yachiyo: It’s for your dessert, right?

Popura: Oh, look at that, Aoi!

Aoi: Hm? It’s a statue of kappa.

Popura: A spa-kappa!

Once they’ve found a small kappa, they start looking for another ones.

Popura: There’re lots of Kappa!

Aoi: Kappa, kappa!

They’re so excited to find another kappa and Soma starts worrying about them.

Soma: You’d fall as you’re running so fast!

As he worried, the girls are rolling down the slope at the next moment.

Girls: Ah!!

Soma: Oh, no!

On the other hand, Kyoko has been to a souvenir shop with Yachiyo, where Kyoko is eating one spa bun after another.

Kyoko: I like these spa-buns.

Yachiyo: You’re so cool!

She looks cool to Yachiyo anyway.

( to be continued )


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