All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi and Mahiru are walking together.

Takanashi: So, did you leave behind Sato?

Mahiru: Yes, Yachiyo insisted that she’d stay with him, though.

In fact, Sato declined her offer.

Takanashi: ( Maybe for that matter of the other day… )

He looks back on the happening between them.

Takanashi: ( Although he didn’t make it clear, he didn’t want to be alone with her, I guess. )

They eventually arrive at a high bridge while they’re wandering.

Takanashi: Oh, we’ve happened to come to such a deserted place.

The bridge is built over a river named the Deep Kappa.

Takanashi: It seems the place where the legend of kappa born.

Mahiru: Right. I’ve been to here for the first time.

As they’re enjoying the wonderful view from there, her stomach suddenly growls

Takanashi: It’s about time we had something to eat. Let’s go and find some restaurant where’s no man.

But she doesn’t answer maybe because of her embarrassment.

Takanashi: What’s the matter? Are you hurt?

Mahiru: No, I just… I made a lot of trouble for them. I wish I hadn’t come. I might as well go back home now.

She starts blaming herself.

Takanashi: “Sigh” But how?

Mahiru: Uh…

Takanashi: You know, Inami. You aren’t very usual, actually. But that is to blame for your androphobia, not for yourself.

Mahiru: What?

Takanashi: And we all know about that so senpai insisted on inviting you to come. And hey, look at that.

Mahiru: Yes?


Takanashi: It’s a pretty nice view from here, isn’t it? Thank you. I wouldn’t be able to see this if you hadn’t come today. As you’ve been doing great today, let’s keep trying hard to get over your androphobia together. I’ll take responsibility for that.

Mahiru: …Yes, thanks, Takanshi.

She’s pretty moved by him that she even cries a little.

Takanashi: OK, let’s get back.

Because of his carelessness, he happens to tap her shoulder.

Takanashi: Oh, no!

Mahiru: Eek!!

She gets so surprised she can’t help punching in his face.

Takanashi: Ugh, you’re a crazy dog, after all!!

While their scream is echoing in the silent valley, Kyoko is eating another meal at another diner.

Kyoko: It’s good to have ramen in the spa resort.

She’s already had 8 bowls of ramen there.

Yachiyo: So cool!

( to be continued )


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