All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi and Mahiru eventually reunited with their friends after lunch and met Soma first.

Takanashi: Soma, you look pretty tired, don’t you?

Soma: It’s been a hard work to look after kids. How about you?

He can see Takanashi have a black eye, which tells him enough.

Soma: Oh, needless to ask you.

Then they meet other friends at a foot spa, where the girls enjoy taking a foot bath in a hot spring while the guys are taking a break aside.

Popura: I’m glad to hear that you did enjoy yourself, right?

Mahiru: Yes, thank you for your all help. I’ve got to work harder to fix my androphobia so I won’t bother you anymore.

Popura: In that case, come here!


They come to a statues of kappa in a spring.

Popura: The fortune kappa – it is said that you pour water on its head and, if the water come out of its mouth, your wish will come true.

Saying so, she demonstrate it by pouring water.

Popura: I want to be taller!

The water just trickle out of its mouth, which looks a little pathetic for her wish.

Aoi: Poor looking.

Popura: B, but I heard someone’s wish had really come true!

Mahiru: I heard, too! One of my friends got a boyfriend who she’d loved.

Popura: Really?! That’s great!

Aoi: All right, it’s my turn. I want a dream family!

The water successfully come out.

Aoi: Oh, my brother!

She jumps at Soma and hugs him.

Soma: No, stop it! Are you listening to me?!

Popura: Now it’s your turn, Inami!

She reaches her hand as much as she can to give Mahiru a ladle.

Mahiru: All right, well, I wish no androphobia!

Unfortunately the water wouldn’t come out and she gets pretty shocked at it.

Popura: Wha…

Aoi: Could it be possible?

Takanashi: This… ( Even the god couldn’t answer her wish…? )

Soma looks into the hole and takes some leaves off, then the water start draining.

Soma: Looks like some leaves were stuck.

Mahiru is relieved to see it even not totally happy with the result. In the meantime, Kyoko is having another meal, again.

Kyoko: Why the curry at the spa? Though it’s delicious anyway.

Yachiyo: So cool!

They may be the ones who enjoyed the spa the most in a way.

( to be continued )


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