All different kinds of OTAKU



It’s already been an early evening, Wagnaria’s day trip is about to end.

Mahiru: I’m sorry that you couldn’t take a hot spring bath because of my curfew.

Popura: Don’t mind! We took a foot bath at least. We enjoyed a lot!

Aoi: Let’s get back here soon again, Inami!

Mahiru: Sure!

Takanashi: We’re getting back on the bus.

Kyoko: Bye, then.

Her car is too small to carry all of them in.

Yachiyo: ( Sato didn’t appear in the end. I wonder if he managed to return his DVDs? )

Kyoko: What’s up, Yachiyo?

Yachiyo: Well, it’s nothing!

Popura: OK, here we go!

The two boys are seeing the car driving away.

Takanashi: “Sigh” ( I’m tired but glad to have come here, too. I managed to help Inami not attack any people. )

A car pulls over in front of them.

Soma: Oh, are you Sato? What’s up?

Sato: You guys have been here, too?

Takanashi: Yeah, right.

Sato: Where’s the others?

Takanashi: They left just now.

Sato: I see. All right, get in. Let’s head back.

Takanashi: Oh, thank you.

Soma: You took a very long time to fill up your car but, oh, I’m sorry you missed Todoroki by just a second, eh?

Getting upset with him, Sato starts his car before Soma gets in.

Soma: What…

But gentleman Sato picked him up in the end.

Soma: I, I was just kidding, Sato?

Takanashi: Um…

Sato doesn’t answer him anyway.

On the other hand, Aoi and Popura is asleep in Kyoko’s car.

Yachiyo: No wonder, they’ve been so excited all day.

Mahiru: Yes. ( Can I hang out again like today? And Takanashi, I’m not so willing to thank him for his help today even though I should do so because he kept treating me like a crazy dog! )

Takanashi: Ahchoo! ( I might be coming down with a cold? I’m worried if Nazuna has been doing well on her own. )

Nazuna has just finished up her plum pickles at home.

Kozue: Zzz… why don’t we get married then?

She seems to have been drinking all day.

Nazuna: Now it’s all done! I hope them to be nice plum pickles!

She managed to save the plum pickles from her sister who was looking for the chance to have a bite.


The trailer segment.

Takanashi: The next episode. What? Are your daddy coming here?

Mahiru: Right, so, can I ask you a favor, Takanashi?

Takanashi: Go ahead.

Mahiru: Please be a woman!

Takanashi: Oh, are you kidding me?! The next episode is “Kotori-chan on the stage!!”

Mahiru: Will you?

Takanashi: Shut up!


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