All different kinds of OTAKU



Even though Takanashi turned down her request, Mahiru couldn’t give up so easily. 

Mahiru: I don’t want to quit! I love this job and, thanks to all your help, I’m getting used to talking to men little by little!

She looks up at his face as if she’s begging him, but he tries not to see her eyes.

Mahiru: ( Oh, I can see that he has his own complex about cross-dressing. ) Sorry about pushing you too much.

She’s trudging out of the room.

Popura: Inami, she poor thing!

She turns to Takanashi.

Takanashi: ( What?! I’m being blamed?! )

Sato: All right, I was listening all.

He suddenly shows up with Soma.

Sato: You can leave it to us.

Soma: “Smiles”

Aoi: I’ll give you a hand, too.

She sticks her face out of the attic.

Takanashi: Where did three of you appear?

Sato: Soma, isn’t it convenient for you if Inami quit this job?

Soma: No way! Actually I’m not very good at her but I feel sorry for her if she had to quit her job by the force of her parent. For now, we have only one option that Takanashi is disguising as a woman. How… how can I miss such a funny thing?!

Sato: You were slipping your heart in the middle.

Soma: “Laughing”

Aoi: In the first place, a part of this problem was caused by the gift you sent to her, wasn’t it, Takanashi?

Popura: You aren’t wrong, Katanashi!

But he seems he can understand her logic in a way. He looks back on Mahiru begging “I don’t want to quit!”

Takanashi: ( She wouldn’t be able to have a job in other stores… )

After a long thought, he finally seems to be determined.

Takanashi: I… I will…

Popura: Oh, Katanashi!!

Takanashi: On second thoughts, give me a moment!

Popura: Not so determined.

Soma: You’d better give up by now.


Takanashi: You know, there might not be a uniform for women that suits me…

Aoi: I saw variety size of uniforms when I joined here.

Takanashi: But what about a wig?

Aoi: I’ve got one here.

Takanashi: And other things…

He tries to avoid himself from cross-dressing by all means.

Aoi: I’ve got a make-up kit and all other stuff for your disguising here, too.

Takanashi: Y, you do a pretty good job, Yamada, eh?

Aoi: I’ve been praised by Takanashi for the first time!

Of course, he said it sarcastically but she never understand it.

( to be continued )


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