All different kinds of OTAKU



After Takanashi disguising as a woman, Popura gives him more advice.

Popura: Katanashi, act more like a woman, otherwise you’d be debunked your disguise!

Takanashi: But I need more time.

Popura: That voice is! Speak more cute!

Takanashi: What?!

Popura: Let’s say “Welcome!”

Takanashi:  Ugh, w… welcome… ( in a sweet voice )

Popura: So cute, Kotori-chan!

She immediately falls in love with Kotori-chan, which makes him feel very weird.

Takanashi: ( I’m in an opposite position! )

Popura: All right. Then, you go to take the order as you are.

Takanashi: No! It’s too embarrassing!

Popura: What if you’d be debunked at the venue? You need more practice!

Mahiru is just worried how he goes with his disguise. Meanwhile, Yachiyo is taught by Sato why he’s disguising.

Yachiyo: Is Takanashi disguised in order to cover up Mahiru’s lie to her father?

Soma: That’s right.

Sato: What’s up, Todoroki?

Soma: You can laugh at it without hesitation.

Yachiyo: Well, didn’t it work if me or other girls just pretended as Mahiru?

He looks astounded at her idea because she took the very point.

Sato: You know, Todoroki, men sometimes got to have things done by himself.

Soma: ( Sato, he just realized it now. )

In the meantime, Kotori-chan is back from the customers.

Popura: How did it go? You weren’t suspected?

Takanashi: He said I was cute…

He even got goosebumps.

Popura: Good job!

Mahiru: Oh…


He’s depressed at the corner in the kitchen.

Takanashi: I can’t stand it anymore…

Soma: Cheer up, Takanashi! I’m sure you’ll be able to play as a perfect girl!

Takanashi: That is a problem, too!

Soma: Then, shall I show your picture as a young child to all of them to make sure if they find out it’s yours?

He takes out a picture of him out of the pocket.

Takanashi: I’ll do my best!!

He’s getting more and more confused.

Takanashi: To cover up my past disguise, I’m disguising now. What am I doing for now?

Soma: Life tend to be like that, you know.

( to be continued )


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