All different kinds of OTAKU



As Takanashi is getting sick of his disguise, a man comes in Wagnaria.

Takanashi: Now I hope he’d come soon!

Popura: Welcome!

Mahiru: That is…

She’s been checking the customers who visit Wagnaria over the glass.

Takanashi: Has he come?

Mahiru: He could be my dad.

Takanashi: He “could”?

Mahiru: Since I haven’t seen his face for almost 10 years. Actually, I have no interest in him.

Takanashi: You such a bad daughter!

Mahiru: I’m sorry if he isn’t.

Takanashi: You should apologize to your father before me!

Popura: I’ll bring a glass of water soon.

She comes back to the kitchen after seating him. The man seems a little restless and, strangely enough, he’s carrying a big bag with him.

Takanashi: ( Serving him a glass of water ) Welcome.

Man: Excuse me, is there a woman named Takanashi working in here?

Takanashi: ( He is Inami’s father, after all. ) I am Takanashi.

Man: Oh, thank god! You’re a woman actually!

Takanashi: ( He doesn’t look so strange. Maybe I could’ve done with him without disguising. )

Man: What a relief.

He suddenly takes out a rifle out of his bag, which makes Takanashi startled.

Takanashi: ( Ugh, I’m glad to be disguised, too! What was he going to hunt for here?! )

Man: Nice to meet you. I’m Mahiru Inami’s father. I heard you’ve been especially taking care of her.

Takanashi: N, nice to meet you, too. I’m, um, Takanashi. Well, what’s that…

He points at his rifle.

Mahiru’s dad: Oh, I’m sorry if I scared you but don’t worry, it’s just a fake, although it should hurt if hitting with this. “Laughing”

Takanashi: ( It’s never safe! )

Mahiru: He looks like my father, after all. I’m getting worried about Takanashi.

Popura has been trying hard to see her father over the glass but in vain.

Yachiyo: Your father has come?

Mahiru: Ah, yes.

Popura: I can’t listen to them at all. Maybe I should go passing by them.

Aoi: Just in case, I’ve put a microphone on Takanashi’s uniform.

She suddenly appears and sets up a speaker on the desk.

Popura and Yachiyo: Wow.

Aoi: Now we can listen to them.

Mahiru: ( Who is this girl, after all? )

Aoi: Huh?

The mystery of Aoi is actually related to her family but it turns out in the long future.

( to be continued )


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