All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi finally met Mahiru’s father and he turned out to be a pretty crazy guy.

Dad: Um, is my daughter doing well?

Takanashi: Yes, she is.

Dad: I see. In fact, I haven’t physically seen her for ages because I’m seldom at home for my business, and, even if I had a chance, I got knocked down as soon as she saw me.

By the way, their conversation is all listened by the girls through the microphone.

Dad: She’s my only daughter. She’s so lovely. Don’t you think so?

Takanashi: Um…

Dad: Mahiru…

He looks at his daughter’s picture.

Takanashi: ( I’m sorry your daughter doesn’t even remember her own father. )

Dad: By the way, you’re very tall, Ms. Takanashi?

Takanashi is surprised at him suspecting his disguise.

Dad: You might be actually a man and disguising as a woman?

Saying so, he turns his rifle toward him.

Takanashi: W, why are you pointing the fake gun at me?

Mahiru: You’re too rude! Takanashi is a woman!!

She suddenly shows up.

Dad: Ma, Mahiru?!

Takanashi: ( How could she appear at this good time…? )

He doesn’t know she and other staff were overhearing their conversation. Although her father seems pretty happy to meet her anyway, she’s pretty mad at him.

Dad: I heard you weren’t working today from your mother.

Mahiru: That’s none of your business!

Takanashi: ( Maybe she’s in to help me. ) She just dropped by here. You know, we’re very good friends.

He hangs his arm over her shoulder in order to appeal their friendship, however, even with his disguise, her fear for men makes her tremble.

Takanashi: ( Don’t be screaming now. I’d be debunked. )

He shuts up her mouth with his hand and she tries to follow his direction as much as she can.

Dad: Oh, Mahiru, you’re so lovely!

Takanashi: ( Oh, he wasn’t even listening to us. )

Dad: My daughter couldn’t get that close to a man, after all. I’m really relieved you weren’t a man. If so…

Just then, a male customer slightly touches Mahiru’s body when passing by them to the entrance.

Boy: Oh, sorry.

Her father quickly takes down the customer with his rifle.

Dad: It could have been like this.

Mahiru: Stop, Dad!!

She’s pretty mad at him for his rude attitude to the customer. Takanashi has to apologizes to the customer, in the end.


Takanashi: We’re very sorry. We’ll have your bills ourselves.

Boy: Oh, lucky for me!

Mahiru: Don’t make trouble for our customers!! In the first place, don’t sneak in the office where your daughter’s working! It’s none of your business what and who ever I hang out with! Leave me alone!

Like many teenagers, she’s at a difficult age, too.

Dad: Mahiru…

Mahiru: You haven’t changed at all for ages! I hate you!

She runs away after yelling at him.

Mahiru: I can’t help myself, Takanashi! I’ll leave it to you, or I’d be hitting him!

She asks him for help who’s on the way back to the table.

Takanashi: “Sigh”

Dad: My daughter looks cute when she’s upset, too.

Takanashi gives out a sigh at both her and her father. In the back of the counter, the girls are calming Mahiru down who’s just come back from the fighting.

( to be continued )


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