All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru’s father is proud to tell them how he brought up Mahiru to be afraid of men. Takanashi looks back on the days he’s been beaten by Mahiru without any good reasons, as well as her sad face crying over her own androphobia, which all came from this silly father. Now he’s ready to go off at him.

Takanashi: Don’t be ridiculous, you stupid, stupid, STUPID FATHER!!

Dad: W, what?!

He’s startled at his sudden change of his mood.

Takanashi: Do you have any idea of Inami having a hard time for your silly parenting?!

Inami is surprised since he’s getting mad at him for her, not for himself.

Takanashi: It’s great to raise your kids with deep love but they’re never your own belongings! You should remember it!

Dad: ( S, she’s pretty manly! )

Now he’s completely overwhelmed by the Lady Takanashi.

Dad: Um, y, you’re right. I’m sorry…

Takanashi: You apologize to your daughter first, not to me! If you say she hits you whenever you see her, sending a letter or just giving a call, you can give her your apologies by any means! Got it?!

Dad: Y, yes!

He stands up right and replies to him loud and clear.

Takanashi: Now you go back home and do what you’ve just promised right away!

Dad: Yes, yes!!

In the end, Takanashi gets him return home. The girls are so impressed by his great job.

Yachiyo: He disguised in a woman and told off her father for Mahiru. He’s awesome!

Aoi: Now I have to give him some respect.

Popura: He’s a very nice man. Don’t you think so, Inami?

Mahiru: …Yes…

They can see her face all blushing.

Yachiyo: ( Oh, now she must… )

Girls: ( Fall in love. )

Her embarrassed but happy face tells them enough.

( to be continued )


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