All different kinds of OTAKU



After Mahiru’s father returned home, Takanashi told Mahiru about the outcome of today since he didn’t know that they had been all listening to their conversation.

Takanashi: Um, you know, I ended up telling off your father as he was too stupid so I’m afraid he got a quite bad idea of me.

Mahiru can’t say anything but just facing him with a blush.

Takanashi: Um, well…

He thinks she might be upset.

Takanashi: I’m sorry!

Mahiru: Now, I…

But he can’t see why she looks so embarrassed.

Mahiru: I don’t care about my father anymore.

Takanashi: S, she’s mad at me!

He turns to Popura for a help.

Popura: No, she isn’t.

Takanashi: But…

The girls celebrate their friends’ new romance just born today.


In the epilogue part, Popura is still falling head over heels with love in Kotori-chan.

Popura: You’re so cute and fascinating, Kotori-chan!

Takanashi: Oh, no!

Popura: Did you do that yourself?

Takanashi: No way. Soma got ready this uniform for me, Yamada put me on this makeup, and Sato gave me the antacid pills.

Popura: Oo, he’s very kind, although he’s mean to me!

Sato always have some with him for his own stomachache brought by Yachiyo.


The trailer segment.

Takanashi: The next episode is…

Nazuna: Are you enjoying your part-time job, brother?

Takanashi: Yeah, it’s been a fun working with my petit senpai, although it sometimes gets hard.

Nazuna: I see. Tell me what Inami is like?

Takanashi: Inami? The next episode is “Suspicion and truth – Nazuna gets to work”

Nazuna: So, Inami is?

Takanashi: What happened to you?


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