All different kinds of OTAKU



“Suspicion and truth – Nazuna gets to work”

Today, it begins with a summary of the last episode.

Kotori-chan?: Hi, I’m Kotori-chan.

A girl bows to us who’s pretty alike Kotori-chan.

Soma: What are you doing, Yamada?

He takes off her wig and it immediately turns out Aoi pretending as Kotori-chan.

Soma: Looking back on that, Takanashi really suit his disguise as a woman.

Aoi: Yup, it was so wonderful that he could be even proud of himself, but in fact, he looked he really hated it. I don’t know why.

Soma: Me, neither.

Of course, he actually knows the reasons.

Soma: Anyway, he did it for Inami this time, not for a fun.

Aoi: But he told off Inami’s father like a brave man! In that way, he might have been debunked his disguise!

Soma: Uh, I’m not worried. Her father admitted his own fault and apologized to him in the end. In other words, he proved himself a tough man even in the woman disguise.

Aoi: As Inami, we found her out not caring about her father in the end.

Soma: After all, Kotori-chan was a big shocker in many ways – it’s all about the last episode.

Kyoko: Hm, you guys won’t get it too messy anyway. I’m going on a business trip today.

She tells them eating a parfait. By the way, there’s the one who’s getting pretty nervous about her absence. It is, of course, Yachiyo.

( to be continued )


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