All different kinds of OTAKU



In the staff room, Mahiru is reading her father’s letter to Takanashi and Popura.

Mahiru: “I want to address my deep apologies for my misbehavior to all the staff in your restaurant. To recover your trust, I won’t forget to reflect on myself everyday and keep trying hard as much as I can – from your father”.

She puts her father’s letter on the table, which has maybe 2 or 3 inches in thickness with the title “To my dear daughter” on the top of it.

Mahiru: So, I’ve received the letter of apology from my father and I can continue this job, after all. It’s all for your help, Takanashi. Thank you!

She politely bows to him but in some distance.

Takanashi: You’re a little away, Inami?

But she even goes back of the wall, which looks as if she was afraid of him.

Takanashi: Hm, I was talking to her near these days. Did I do anything to her?

Popura: Well, you didn’t but, you know, you did the disguise as a woman the other day, Katanashi?

Takanashi: So, after that disguise, she thinks of me a pervert?!

He’s pretty shocked by his own guess.

Popura: Oh, no! You worked so hard for Inami and like she doesn’t see you as a regular person anymore…

She’s confused because she can’t just tell him that Inami loves him.

Takanashi: So she takes me as a gay now?!

Popura: Oh, man!

Takanashi: That’s outrageous! Tell me what’s on your mind!

He’s pretty upset and walks up to Mahiru.

Mahiru: T, that isn’t…

Takanashi: What?

She’s putting up with her some feelings.

Mahiru: That isn’t this! Not the same!!

She suddenly punches him.

Takanashi: Ugh! What’s that and this?!

Mahiru: Oh, no!! So I hated to do this! I’m sorry!

She just runs away from him.

Popura: Inami?!

Takanashi: ( I’m punched, therefore she’s thinking of me as a man properly. ) What a relief.

With his happy look on his face even after Inami’s hard punch, Sato comes and makes fun of him.

Sato: What’s up, Takanashi? Are you finally “awakened”?

( to be continued )


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