All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru got so nervous in front of Takanashi that she ended up hitting him and ran away.

Popura: Inami…

She runs after Mahiru to take care of her.

Mahiru: What should I do, Taneshima?!

Popura: You fell in love with Katanashi, right?

Mahiru: Uh, yes…

She’s surprised at first but answers honestly.

Popura: Then you shouldn’t hit him!

Mahiru: I know! But still I can’t stop hitting men! I love him but hate him at the same time! What is this?! I’m too confused!

Popura: Uh, Inami…

She feels sorry for her complicated emotions.

Mahiru: “Sigh” Maybe I’d have to quit this job for the different reason in the other day.

Popura: So you’ve been keeping away from him so you wouldn’t hit him. eh?

Mahiru: Actually I’m thinking about him all the time…

Popura: But didn’t you say the same thing before? You hit him as he’s near you, thinking of Katanashi all the time. Yes, it hasn’t changed at all!

Mahiru: Come to think of it, it was the same way even when I didn’t like him.

Popura: Yes, in that case, you just keep communicating with him as you were doing so far!

Mahiru: Wait a minute, so, did I lo… him from the beginning??

She finally realizes her true heart. But the fact is too embarrassing for her that her fingers start cracking the wall.

Popura: Y, you know, hate is akin to love…

She’s pretty scared of Mahiru’s power of muscle.

Popura: S, so take it easy!

Mahiru: You’re right!

She finally stops her hands.

Popura: Y, yeah! ( W, we’d gonna lose our restaurant… )

She’s relieved that she can stop Mahiru before she destroys the whole house. Of course, Mahiru had to fix the wall afterward.

Mahiru: Oh, I did it again…


After some time, she comes to Takanashi for explaining.

Takanashi: You mean you owe me one the other day and you kept away from me so you wouldn’t hit me, right?

Mahiru: Uh, like so.

Takanashi: Well, you don’t have to worry about me as long as you keep trying not to kill me when you punch me.

Mahiru: That’s difficult.

Takanashi: I’ll be seeing you until you get recovered.

Mahiru: S, seeing me?!

She took his word not as he meant and she’s hyperventilating out of her embarrassment.

Takanashi: Inami, you’re “hot”.

He doesn’t like the heat coming from her. It seems to take long for him to realize her love.

( to be continued )


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