All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi is pretty depressed in the staff room because his embarrassing photos of Kotori-chan had been taken by Soma and Popura was happy to get them. It looks he managed to get them back afterward, though.

Takanashi: “Sigh” Not only Soma but Senpai, too!

Mahiru is worried to talk to him.

Mahiru: I’m sorry that I pushed you to do that disguise for me. I didn’t expect it’d be like this.

Takanashi: Uh, Inami…

Mahiru: I’m blamed for all of this.

Takanashi: Yes, it’s all for your androphobia.

Mahiru: ( It’s a little sad as he didn’t deny it. )

Takanashi: So, now Inami.

Mahiru: Yes?

Takanashi: In order to fix your disease, we should get closer to each other!

Mahiru: What?!

She’s difficult to figure out his intention. She steps back a little and, for some reason, starts punching the wall. He’s a bit confused at her reaction.

Takanashi: Well, in the first place, shall we come home together from today?

She gets even more nervous by his proposal.

Takanashi: And the goal is to go out somewhere together but hand in hand.

Mahiru: ( That wouldn’t be a “date”?! )

She’s so embarrassed that she can’t stop herself from punching him.

Mahiru: That punch was.. just out of my embarrassment!

He’s lying on the floor getting mounted on by Mahiru.

Takanashi: W, whatever…

( to be continued )


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