All different kinds of OTAKU



Yachiyo has been pretty down because of the absence of Kyoko.

Yachiyo: Ms. Kyoko…

Popura: Yachiyo looks sad while the manager’s out for the business trip, after all.

Aoi: Poor Yachiyo! I’ll go and make her feel better!

Popura: Good luck, Aoi!

She appease by Yachiyo.

Aoi: Hi, Yachiyo!

Yachiyo: ?

Aoi: Here’s the manager!

She appeared wearing the disguised of the manager. She thought it’d help Yahicyo but in vain.

Yachiyo: Oh, Ms. Kyoko…

Aoi: It seems backfired!

Popura: Ugh…

They returned to discuss.

Aoi: Maybe I didn’t look enough mature.

Popura: What should we do now?

Soma: So, Todoroki has been depressed, after all?

Popura: It’s too hurt to see her! Do you have any idea?

Soma: Well…

Then he goes up to her.

Soma: Hi, Todoroki.

Yachiyo: Soma?

Soma: Just keep doing your job as you usually do then you won’t feel very long before the day the manager gets back.

Yachiyo: I’m not sure.

Soma: If you still can’t take your mind off of her, then you just go and take care of Sato instead.

Sato: “Coughs”

He’s pretty surprised at Soma’s suggestion.

Yachiyo: Good idea… can I work for you?

She walks up to Sato and asks him.

Sato: Hey, you’ve been too lonely that you’re completely out of your mind.


Anyway, she decided to look after Sato instead of Kyoko.

Yachiyo: Sato, can I do anything for you? Some food? Oh, your button is coming off! Do you care for parfait?

She’s keep asking him even while he’s taking a break.

Sato: No, thanks. “Sigh”

He could be enjoying the circumstances unless he’s the alternative option for Kyoko.

Yachiyo: You look tired. Why?

Sato: I don’t know.

Yachiyo: Listen Sato. I have a favor to ask you.

Sato: What?

Yachiyo: At this opportunity, would you call me Yachiyo?

He’s too surprised he gets rough coughing.

Yachiyo: Are you okay, Sato?!

Sato: What’s that?

Yachiyo: Well, it’s the matter of my feelings. Ms. Kyoko calls me Yachiyo. So, then, I’ll call you Jun-kun!

He gets even harder coughing because they’d sound like a couple in that way.

Yachiyo: Oh, why don’t you stop smoking as you get so choked.

Sato: Never mind. I often get asthma when I’m called my first name.

Yachiyo: Oh, I didn’t know it. I’m sorry. Hey, you know, I don’t like being called Todoroki myself. It sounds like a man’s name.

Sato: All right.

Yachiyo: I’m so happy! It’s been one of my dreams that I’m called my first name – by my friend in the same age! “My friend, my friend, my friend…”

He gets pretty nervous with the emphasis on “friend”.

Sato: Hey, you aren’t doing this on purpose, are you?

Yachiyo: Hm?

Of course, she doesn’t know why he’s being upset.

( to be continued )


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