All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi and Mahiru have finished their work today. As they promised, they’re going home together from today.

Takanashi: Now, let’s get back home.

Mahiru: Y, yes.

So they’re on their way home together, walking side by side.

Takanashi: You’re still away. It’s the same back in the restaurant.

She’s difficult to come close to him out of her embarrassment.

Mahiru: But I can’t make it so quickly.

Takanashi: In that case, how about reviewing ancient writings class on the way so you feel easier? I’ll pick up some questions for you.

Mahiru: Uh, please.

Takanashi: Here you go, Inami.

Mahiru: What?

He puts his toy hand at her.

Takanashi: It’s the training to hold hands.

Mahiru: Uh, yes. ( It’s all what I can do now. I’m ashamed of myself being a bit relieved at this, though. )

She knows holding the toy hand is pretty strange but she’s still afraid of men.

On the same time, Nazuna is on her way home after cram school.

Nazuna: I’m tired after cram school.

Takanashi: Then, how do you conjugate “Otsu“(a word of ancient writings)?

Mahiru: Well…

They’re doing a question-and-answer on the way and Nazuna finds her brother by chance.

Nazuna: ( There’s my brother! He’s getting back home after work, too? ) Hi, bro…

She runs after him but suddenly stops calling his name because she sees a girl with him.

Nazuna: ( Isn’t that his girlfriend? But, what’s that? )

She’s puzzled at the toy hand they’re holding each other.

Nazuna: ( I’m so curious! )

Unfortunately(?), they’ve been gotten sight of being together by Nazuna and it leads another trouble.

( to be continued )


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