All different kinds of OTAKU



The next day at Wagnaria.

Sato: It’s OK in here. Can you go for the hall, Todoroki?

Yachiyo: …Todoroki?

She isn’t happy with him not calling her first name as they talked yesterday. But he’s also too shy to do that.

Sato: …Yachi…

He finally gets up the nerve to call her first name.

Kyoko: I’m back!

She’s been back at the possible worst time for him.

Yachiyo: Ms. Kyoko! You’ve been back earlier, haven’t you?!

She’s so happy to run up to Kyoko, while Sato is pretty unhappy being interrupted by Kyoko.

Kyoko: Since I met Otoh out there, I threw it to him.

Yachiyo: She’s been back, Sato!

Sato: …I know. WELCOME BACK!

He gets back to work with scary look on his face.

Kyoko: Did anything happen between you and Sato?

Yachiyo: Oh, sure! We became close friends! I’ve never had any friends in the same age but he’s my first one!

Kyoko: I felt some intense anger.

Yachiyo: Hm?

Kyoko: Never mind. Hey Yachiyo, there’s someone I want you to take care of today.

Yachiyo: Yes? A new kid?

Kyoko: Something like that.

Nazuna: Good afternoon!


Surprisingly enough, she shows up in Wagnaria not as a customer. After a while, she starts introducing herself to them wearing the uniform.

Nazuna: Well, I’m Nazuna Takanashi. Nice to meet you!

Takanashi: Nazuna?!

Aoi: Who is she?

Popura: She’s Katanashi’s sister I heard.

Takanashi: Why have you been here?

Nazuna: I have an assignment of the job experience and I’ve asked the manager for it.

Kyoko: Learning the social duties and self-independence through the hands-on job experiences. Great education!

Takanashi: What’s in your hands?

Actually, Nazuna just bribed Kyoko with some cookies so she can investigate Mahiru.

Nazuna: I’ll work as hard as I can today! ( She must be the one who I saw yesterday. )

She turns to Mahiru and bows at her.

Nazuna: I’m Nazuna Takanashi. Nice to meet you!

Mahiru: Um, I’m Mahiru Inami. Nice to meet you, too…

With the sudden appearance of Takanashi’s sister, she’s been a little confused.

Nazuna: Sure! ( She looks a kind of fragile, though. )

Mahiru: ( I can never let her see her brother beaten down. I’ll never hit him today! My promise! )

Takanashi: ( …She might be thinking like that, but I wonder how long she can hold? )

They’ve started speculating each way. By the way, Popura is really curious about Nazuna’s age.

Popura: Are you really an elementary student, Nazuna??

Nazuna: Yes!

Popura: “Crying!!”

She’s quite shocked at her height which is even taller than Mahiru’s already.

( to be continued )


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