All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi: Thanks for using us.

He’s just checked out a customer.

Popura: Where’s Nazuna, Katanashi?

She wonders why he isn’t looking after Nazuna right now.

Takanashi: Yeah, I asked Inami to look after her. They’re taking a break now.

Aoi: Then, I’m going to the break, too…

Takanashi: You’ve still got a lot to do.

He stops her going by holding her shoulder. In the staff room, Mahiru is having a tea with Nazuna.

Mahiru: Here’s your tea.

Nazuna: Thanks…

But she’s just gazing at Mahiru curiously.

Mahiru: ( Scary! )

Nazuna: ( Why didn’t my brother get upset with her hitting him? Rather yet, why did he go back home together? ) Well, Ms. Inami?

Mahiru: W, what?

Nazuna: About my brother, well, may my brother happen to like getting punched?

Mahiru: Oh, what?!

She’s so panicked by her question that she mistakes it as the question if she loves Takanashi.

Mahiru: Um, well…

Nazuna: Please be honest! I’ve been just curious! I have no other intention!

For Nazuna, she’s just worried if her brother is a weird person who likes to be punched but Mahiru takes it all wrong.

Mahiru: …Yes…

Nazuna: Are you sure?!

Mahiru: YES ( I love him )!!

It was pretty embarrassing for her to tell his sister about her love but she did.

Nazuna: Ah, I see… ( So, my brother must be the one called masochist… )

She’s quite shocked at her conclusion at first but soon gets back to herself.

Nazuna: Ms. Inami.

Mahiru: Y, yes?!

Nazuna: Please don’t give up my brother.

Mahiru: W, what’s the…?!

Nazuna thought there might be few people who willingly take care of her brother who she supposed to be a masochist.


After the break, she returns to the hall and even starts taking orders from customers.

Popura: She looks really relaxed even at her first time.

Takanashi: I thinks she’ll be OK with most of difficult customers on her own. She’s pretty reliable.

Aoi: I can do it, too!

Takanashi: Have you been able to check the customers’ bill yet, huh?

Aoi: Ugh, Yamada in the future could do that…

Popura: “Smiles”

Takanashi: I’ve asked the present Yamada, eh?

Aoi doesn’t want to lose Nazuna about their job even not standing a good chance of winning her.

( to be continued )


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