All different kinds of OTAKU



It’s been the time that Nazuna ends her 1-day job. She’s greeting them before she leaves Wagnaria.

Nazuna: I’m glad I was able to work with you today. Thank you.

Yachiyo: It’s a little shame since you’ve been a very fast leaner and looks pretty good in your uniform, too.

Aoi: Don’t worry! I’ll be working hard since tomorrow!

Kyoko: Yeah, you should really do so, eh?

Aoi: Ugh, she isn’t buying me…

Nazuna: Hey, brother?

Takanashi: What?

Nazuna: What kind of brother you are, you’ll ever be my brother!

Takanashi: Um, yes?

She means she’ll accept him even if he’s a kind of pervert.

Nazuna: See you!

After she left Wagnaria, Takanashi and Mahiru are both cleaning dishes in the back of the counter.

Mahiru: Well, I’m sorry for hitting you in front of Nazuna.

Takanashi: Uh, don’t worry. It’s just the matter of my patience until your sickness gets better.

Mahiru: Huh?

Takanashi: Once you’ve recovered from your androphobia, then I can finally say good-bye to it.

She’s so confused that she slips a dish on the floor.

Mahiru: Um, but… good-bye?!

Takanashi: Yes, so let’s keep working hard!

She suddenly punches in his face out of her confusion.

Takanashi: Ugh, why?!

Mahiru: ( Come to think of it, once I’ve recovered from my sickness, he may not pay attention to me anymore. Yet, I’d better, I’d rather want to fix my androphobia! First of all, he’d be disappointed with me if I didn’t try hard. ) Oh, geez! What should I do!

Grabbing his collar, she looks like she’s just bullying him.

Takanashi: Set me free first…

Mahiru: Ah!

He hits his head hard on the floor since she suddenly releases his collar.

( to be continued )


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