All different kinds of OTAKU



“Yachiyo and Sato – The two back at the time. And Welcome to Takanashi’s”

One day in the morning, Aoi gets out of bed in Wagnaria’s attic.

Aoi: Good morning, I’m Yamada. I’m living in here Wagnaria’s attic for some reason, but I’m actually a super waitress! My perfect and luxury day starts again.

She’s pretty surprised at a loud noise from downstairs.

Aoi: Uh, I’m sorry I’m not perfect!

Kyoko: Hey, Yamada! Get up!

She’s hitting the roof with the stick of a broom.

Yachiyo: Aoi?

Then she appears downstairs in her uniform.

Aoi: Good morning the manager and Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: If you use the faucet to get ready, do it before the part-time staff come, OK?

Kyoko: Hurry up.

Aoi: I see. ( Her narrating ) My day begins like this and, in the early evening, the regular member come to work.

Today, Popura doesn’t look like her.

Aoi: What’s up, Taneshima? You look like a girl in love.

Popura: I can’t wait for Katanashi to come!

Aoi is so shocked to hear it.

Takanashi: Good morning.

Popura: Here you come, Katanashi!

She’s pretty happy to run up to him.

Takanashi: Hi, senpai! You’re so cute today, too!

He strokes her head.

Popura: I’m so happy when you praise me!

Takanashi: “Smiling” Let’s work hard today, too!

Popura: Ah, he’s so cool, after all!

She looks like she’s totally into him, which makes Aoi really worried and she tries to see if Popura has a fever.

Popura: What’s this?

Aoi: Uh, I thought you might have a fever.

Takanashi: Hm?

( to be continued )


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