All different kinds of OTAKU



Aoi is confused since Popura has been too interested in Takanashi today.

Aoi: ( I knew Taneshima loved his lady disguise but did she turn out to love himself? But Inami loves him, too! It might be a triangle? Takanashi likes smaller things so he might go with Taneshima and he could start dating with Taneshima?! ) It should be a criminal scene!

She finds they can hardly look like a couple because of the difference of their heights. As she’s been peeling an apple with a knife, her trembling fingers get a little dangerous, too.

Mahiru: Watch out your fingers, Yamada!

Aoi: Ah!

Mahiru: Thanks god! It seems you didn’t cut yourself.

For some reason, Aoi can’t hold her tears.

Mahiru: Oh, don’t worry! You aren’t injured!

Aoi: Inami is very nice and pretty…

Mahiru: W, what’s up?!

Aoi: Your breasts are small, too…

Mahiru: Uh, should I get angry with that?

Aoi: ( If it gets rough, they might begin fighting each other… But I like both of them! )


The image of Yamada and the title is “The Wagnaria News – A deep triangle issue in a casual restaurant!!”

Mahiru: You’re so bad, Taneshima! I got to love him first!

Popura: It’s too naive of you, Inami. Love is what you’ve got to grab on your own, not get in order!

Mahiru: I’m lost… Bigger breasts do it, after all…

Return to the real world.

Aoi: I don’t like this…

She’s so disappointed at her own story.

Mahiru: Huh?

Aoi: Well…

Mahiru: What’s the matter with you, Yamada? You don’t look like yourself.

Aoi: To tell the truth, Taneshima was…

Popura: Hey, Inami!

Aoi is so surprised as she was just about to talk of her.

Popura: Maybe Inami get upset with me but I can’t help it anymore! I’m going to tell him!

She’s jumping off to somewhere.

Mahiru: I’m not sure but I wish you luck!

Aoi: D, don’t wish her luck if you aren’t sure!

( to be continued )


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