All different kinds of OTAKU



It turned out Popura wasn’t interested in Takanashi as her boyfriend but as her model woman.

Aoi: Oh, I just thought Taneshima had fallen for Takanashi.

Mahiru and Popura are both surprised at Aoi’s mistake.

Aoi: I was actually worried and expected if it’d develop as a triangle relationship.

Mahiru: You expected?

Popura: Hm, Katanashi is younger than me. I don’t care for younger men as my boyfriend.

Mahiru and Aoi: Huh…

Popura: What the heck! I know I should look younger than him actually!

She’s 17 and Takanashi is 16, after all.

Takanashi: “Sigh”

As he’s polishing glasses, Popura calls him, again.

Popura: Look at this, Katanashi!

Takanashi: Now what? I won’t see any pictures of my lady disguise!

Popura: No, Soma had some pictures of Kyoko and others when they were young!

They gathers at the kitchen to have a look at those pictures.

Takanashi: They look pretty young, after all.

Popura: Indeed.

Yachiyo: Sweet old memories.

Kyoko: Yeah.

Sato: Soma had stupid things again, eh?

But they’re all having one same question.

All: ( When did we take these pictures? )

They enjoy thier pictures for a while.

Sato: ( First of all, Soma hadn’t started working here yet at that time. What was he? )

Yachiyo: So young! Seeing your picture now, you looked so sweet, Sato.

Sato: ( Sweet? Where? )

Yachiyo: Looking back on Sato, the first time I met you…

Young Sato: Nice to meet you.

Yachiyo: You looked like a scary street gang!

Sato: T, that isn’t fair of you, eh?

He means Kyoko was actually a leader of street gang.

Sato: Don’t tell me. You were also…

Young Yachiyo: H, hello, I’m Yachiyo Todoroki…

While she was scared at him and hid back of Kyoko., the young Sato was afraid of her katana as well.

Sato: You were a kind of unknown horror.

Yachiyo: What?! Tell me how I was a horror?!

Sato: I don’t remember.

( to be continued )


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