All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi: Hello.

When he gets to Wagnaria, the manager is eating a lot of hard-boiled eggs in a bowl.

Kyoko: Hey, I saw your friend in the hall.

Takanashi: My friend?

Kyoko: Yup, the one who’s once been here, living in your neighborhood.

Takanashi: Hm, in my neighborhood… Ugh!

He’s got a bad feeling about it and makes a run for the hall.

Kozue: Sota!

Popura: Hi, Katanashi.

He’s pretty shocked to see her here because it’s been a secret to his colleagues that they’re siblings.

Popura: Why didn’t you tell me about her?

Takanashi: W, what do you mean?

Popura: You said that she was one of your neighbors!

He’s very nervous at her stinging eyes.

Popura: She and you have the same family name Katanashi, right? What a coincidence of you two having that rare name!

She’s completely fooled but it certainly saves him.

Takanashi: Yes, it IS a coincidence! You’re amazing, senpai! Now, leave it to me and I’ll make it sure!

Popura: OK. See you then.

Takanashi: “Sigh”

Kozue: Come on, why are you getting in, Sota?

Takanashi: Don’t tell me! Why have you been here? Go home, right now!

Kozue: ( Drinking up her beer ) All right, I’ll make my way home speaking about your old stories loudly.

Takanashi: P, please stay here…

After staying Wagnaria for some hours, Kozue finally leaves for home.

Kozue: ( Drinking up her beer at the check counter ) Phaa!!

Takanashi: Just what have you been here for? All these beers, you can go somewhere else when you want to drink.

Kozue: I’ve been here to check out your work, Sota. So, that small girl is your favorite, isn’t she?

She refers Popura.

Takanashi: What the heck? If you’re so free, why don’t you go and see your boyfriend, eh?

Kozue: You’re so lucky to work at such a happy place, eh?

Takanashi: I get it. You’ve broken up with him pretty quick, eh?

She suddenly starts crying.

Kozue: If he didn’t like german suplex ( a name of pro-wresting’s techniques ), why didn’t he tell me first?!

It seems she did the technique to him, which is pretty rather rough one by the way, and got hated by him.

Takanashi: It comes to 3,500 yen.

Kozue: Put it on my tab, please.

Takanashi: No tab. It’s a casual restaurant.

Kozue: I’ll be coming back!

Takanashi: All right. I’ll pay for you so you won’t come again!

Kozue: I’ll be back!

Takanashi: Never come back!

He manages to take her out of the restaurant at last. He comes to clean her table.

Takanashi: How many beers she’s drunk…

There’re seven large glasses emptied.

( to be continued )


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