All different kinds of OTAKU



A couple of days later, Kozue has been to Wagnaria again.

Kozue: Everything’s fine exept this!

It seems she’s being grouchy to Yachiyo about Wagnaria drinking some beers.

Yachiyo: Um…

Kozue: Orders come pretty fast and girls are all pretty, too!

Yachiyo: T, thank you…

Kozue: But there’s just one thing I’m not happy with – you have very little variety of alcohol!

Yachiyo: ( It is a casual restaurant, after all… )

Wagnaria isn’t a bar, she wants to tell her but she can’t.

Kozue: Why don’t you have Japanese Sake or Awamori ( a kind of strong sake )?

Hearing someone bothering Yachiyo, Aoi and Takanashi comes out to the floor.

Aoi: Look, that woman’s come again.

Seeing his sister over there, Takanashi begins to freak out.

Takanashi: ( That bitch! )

He’s going to tell her off but unfortunately he runs into Mahiru on the way.

Mahiru: Eek!

Takanashi: Ugh!

She punches in his stomach out of her surprise.

Mahiru: I’m sorry, Takanashi! …Hey, are you all right, Takanashi!?

But he wouldn’t get up soon this time, which makes Mahiru so worried about him.

Mahiru: ( Having punched Takanashi again, I decided to review myself these days. Once I thought I’d like to keep hitting men as long as Takanashi takes care of me, I found myself being a pain for others, after all. I’ve actually hit him three times plus that one today. Yes, I have to fix it, and yet I tend to take everything for my own sake. If I run away leaving behind everyone… )

While she’s thinking to herself, Popura is quaking in her boots for some reason. Then Mahiru’s line meets in Aoi’s story that she’s just talking about.

( to be continued )


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