All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru was reviewing herself for hitting Takanashi again. Then, she realized she and Popura were listening to Aoi’s stories.

Aoi: …I ran away leaving behind them, then suddenly my feet started dragging and I couldn’t run anymore…

Mahiru: Huh?

She gets back to Aoi’s story.

Aoi: I found bloody hands around my feet…

Popura: Eek!!

It seems Aoi is reading a horror book to them. Then the manager turns on a light in the room.

Aoi: Oh.

Kyoko: What are you doing here turning off the light? We’re closing the store now.

Aoi: It’s a book some customer left behind. I’m throwing a horror party in the break room!

Sato: Hey, Taneshima.

Popura: Yes?

Sato: When I saw the rear view mirror, there was a headless woman in there…

Popura: “Screaming!!”

He finds it very funny so he continues it.

Sato: Your height’s creaking and shrinking while you’re sleeping every night…

It makes Popura screaming even louder.

Sato: One day, a bear in the woods…

She’s too terrified to realize that it’s been a line of a children’s song.

Sato: You’re scaring for no reason, right?

Popura: You idiot, Sato! I’m too scared to get home now!

Takanashi: Don’t make senpai afraid!

Sato: My fault? All right, I’ll walk her home in my car. Wait a minute while I’m chaining.

Saying so, he enters the locker room.

Popura: Thanks, Sato…

Takanashi: Now, we’ll get back home, too, Inami?

Mahiru: Yeah…

Aoi: Um, manager?

Kyoko: Huh?

Aoi: Will you walk me home, too?

Kyoko: Your home’s here, eh?

Aoi: That’s right…

Maybe she’s been a little scared, too.

( to be continued )


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