All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi and Mahiru are both on their way home after work.

Mahiru: I’m sorry to have you wait so late. Taneshima wouldn’t let me go.

Takanashi: No problem. I’m off tomorrow. It should be only senpai who’s dread of that childish ghost story, right?

Mahiru: Well, I… I suppose so…

He finds she is being scared, too.

Takanashi: “Grinning”

Mahiru: N, no, it’s not! I’m not scared at all!

Just then, she hears a cat’s noise from the bush, which makes her terribly frighten.

Mahiru: I, I’m sorry! I’m really scared, even though my own existence is rather terrifying than ghosts!

Takanashi: You don’t have to be so sarcastic now…

She takes the toy hand instead of his hand to relax.

Mahiru: I’m sorry I’m terribly bad at ghosts, no matter they’re men or women.

Takanashi: It’s the same for senpai but you shouldn’t have listened to that as you were sure you’d so scared. OK, I’ll walk you home today, not on the half way as always.

Mahiru: Oh, I can’t ask you that much! My mother is going to be away home tonight so I’ll be ending up… to be alone…

She realizes she has to stay home all by herself tonight.

Mahiru: It… it’ll be fine…

Takanashi: What is fine?

She’s already trembling clinging to a utility pole.

Takanashi: In that case, why don’t you come my home today?

Mahiru: Oh, I didn’t mean it!

Takanashi: I know it’s a little out of my business but I’m worried about your… house.

The pole she’s clinging to is already starting to break off.

She’s cool down in a moment and they’re back on their way.

Mahiru: Thanks for your offer but I’d better not go.

Takanashi: All right. I won’t push it though…

Mahiru: W-why did you stop walking?

Takanashi: We’ve been followed by someone…

Mahiru: You wanna make me even more scared with a lie?! Idiot!

Takanashi: No, I’m serious. Listen, do you hear the footsteps?

Mahiru: Just say it’s a lie!

She’s so scared she easily snaps his toy hand. He’s rather afraid of her strength than the footsteps.

Takanashi: S, sorry, it may be my imagination…

( to be continued )


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