All different kinds of OTAKU



In the end, Mahiru and Aoi agreed to staying at Takanashi’s home tonight.

Takanashi: My oldest sister is away on business tonight and the second is secluded in her room, too, so you can be feel free.

Aoi: It’s a sleepover, cool!

Mahiru: Today’s Takanashi is apparently kind even to Yamada. Why?

Takanashi: It can’t be helped anyway. And with both of you Inami and Yamada, I…

As he opens the front door, Kozue runs up to them.

Kozue: Wow, you’re Inami and Yamada, right?!

Aoi: And you’re that regular lady?

Kozue: Are you staying with us because you’re scared of ghosts? Of course I welcome you! It’s been just boring. What do you want to do? Talking about some love romance? Like, love-roma?!

She’s so happy to bring them away.

Takanashi: ( They look after Kozue then I can concentrate on my chore. )

Mahiru: ( That’s the point… )

She finally finds out the reason that he’s being rather kind to them today.

Nazuna: Oh, are you staying with us today? Please make yourself comfortable. Oh, wait a minute.

After greeting them politely, she goes somewhere and gets back with some pajamas.

Nazuna: Please use my pajamas. I think my sister’s are too large for you.

Mahiru: ( Even still going to elementary school, she’s really pulling herself together. )

While she’s admired by her manner, Nazuna starts acting strange for some reason.

Nazuna: And the rooms, um, you can use my mother’s and, um,  father’s…

She’s going back and forth and doesn’t speak clearly.

Kozue: I’m sorry to wake you up, Nazuna. Let’s go back in your bed.

Nazuna: Yup…

Mahiru: ( She is still a elementary school girl, after all… )

She’s still a child so she can’t help feeling asleep even in the early evening.

Kozue: All right. Now, let’s take a bath together?

Mahiru: No, I can’t!

Aoi: Yes, I will!

Kozue: Don’t worry. We’ve got a pretty large bath.

Mahiru: No, small!

Kozue: It is large, you know?

Of course, Mahiru doesn’t mean the size of their bath. She’s just embarrassed to show her small size of breasts in front of Kozue’s big ones.

( to be continued )


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