All different kinds of OTAKU



While the girls are taking a bath, Takanashi is dishing in the kitchen.

Takanashi: ( Thank God, it’s going really fast. )

Where Mahiru just got out of the bath.

Mahiru: Um, Takanashi.

Takanashi: Yes?

Mahiru: It was a nice bath, thanks.

He wonders why she looks a little exhausted.

Takanashi: What’s up?

Mahiru: Nothing, it was just… large.

Takanashi: What? Do you mean our bath?

She was shocked at Kozue’s breasts, after all, who is now enjoying ice-cream with Aoi.

Kozue: So small!

Mahiru: Anyway, can I help you with something?

Takanashi: Thanks, but I’m almost done. You saved me a lot of time by looking after Kozue so take it easy now. ( Seeing Aoi ) I won’t tell you to loosen up like her, though. It isn’t her own house!

He’s a little upset with Aoi getting too relaxed.

Aoi: I’m going to live here!

She’s cuddling up on Kozue’s lap.

Kozue: Oh, you will?

Mahiru: Yamada…

Takanashi: Now, I’m heading back to my room. Please make yourself at ease.

Mahiru: Good night.

Kozue: I’ve never seen Sota getting along with a girl in his age like that.

Aoi: Hmm?

She remembers what Soma told her before.

Soma: Give it a lot of thought before you tell someone’s secret.

Aoi: Inami loves Takanashi.

It seems his advice didn’t work at all.

Kozue: Seriously?!

She’s astounded at the fact.

Aoi: Yes.

Kozue: I knew it long time before!

Luckily to them, Mahiru wasn’t listening to their conversation.

Mahiru: ( What are they talking about? )

Kozue: All right, Miss Kozue is gonna help Inami with careful and sophisticated support!

She apparently hit on another trouble, again.

( to be continued )


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