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Kozue learned that Mahiru loved Takanashi from Aoi. And she planed to help Mahiru get closer to him. She brings her upstairs, opens the door, and throws her into his room, where he’s been reading a book.

Takanashi: What the hell. Both Yamada and Kozue, they’re behaving too free! Do they want me to be punched here?

Being two of them in a small room, he just feels a bad luck, while Mahiru is being panicked to be in his room all of a sudden.

Takanashi: Well, thinking of that I’ve always had you listen to me grouching about my family, I should let you do as much as you want to this time.

Mahiru: Oh, give me a break! I am always helped by you with my androphobia, with my father, and yet I keep bothering you all the time! And today’s also, I… I… everything’s my fault!

She’s obviously freaking out.

Takanashi: You haven’t had any alcohol, have you? Don’t be so shrunk.

Mahiru: Well, Takanashi.

Takanashi: Yes?

Mahiru: Can I ask you a question?

Takanashi: Go ahead. Of ancient writings? If some mathematics things, you’d better ask Taneshima…

Mahiru: No, it isn’t. Well, you know…

Takanashi: What?

Mahiru: Well, will you take care of… talk to me even after I’m fixed with my fear for men?

She finally breaks to him what’s been in her mind recently.

Takanashi: Huh? If you stop hitting me, I could be more friendly to you naturally.

Mahiru: That… makes sense…

His answer is a kind of eye-opener to her.

Mahiru: ( Maybe I’ve been taking it too difficult? )

Anyway she’s relieved at his answer.

Takanashi: Whatever it is, you don’t look like being scared of ghosts now?

Mahiru: Oh, I just remembered that…

Takanashi: It’s a bit early to go to bed. Would you care for this?

Just outside the door, Kozue is eavesdropping their conversation in the hope of some romantic development.

Mahiru: I’m not sure if I can do this…

Takanashi: Don’t worry.

Mahiru: But it’s been my first time…

Kozue: Ooo?! It sounds like going pretty good!

Aoi: What are they doing inside?

Kozue: Yamada, there’s only one thing when a man and a woman be in a closed room!

Aoi: Oh, I get it! They’re playing cards! I want to do that, too!

Kozue: Come on, Yamada.

She opens the door and sees they’re actually playing cards.

Takanashi: Stop gushing, Kozue.

Mahiru: Old Maid…

Kozue: Are you sure doing that?! How boring!

Things haven’t happened as she hoped, and Mahiru is shocked to have picked the joker from his cards.


Trailer segment

Popura: The next episode!

Takanashi: Senpai?!

She looks a bit upset today.

Popura: Katanashi, don’t you think that I have my turns less and less these days?

Takanashi: N-No, I don’t suppose…

Popura: Yes, I do!! So please do cross-dressing for pity me!

Takanashi: That has nothing to do with it! The next episode is “The night before the battle, but why?! – Grateful Taneshima.”

Popura: Come back, Kotori-chan!


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