All different kinds of OTAKU



“The night before the battle, but why?! – Grateful Taneshima.”

Mahiru: I’ll make up for your magic hand!

Takanashi: Don’t worry. That happened because I made you scared myself.

They’re apparently talking about the toy hand that she broke by happening the other day.

Mahiru: But you need one anyway for us getting home or something else, right?

She actually want him to carry one with him because it helps her communicate with him anyway.

Takanashi: Yes, I knew I needed one so I’ve already ordered by home shopping. I found it out later that there was some campaign going on, though, I got a pair of them in the end.

He shows her two magic hands he got through “One for free” campaign.

Mahiru: Do you need even two?

Takanashi: Anyway, I think it was good luck for me so forget about what happened the other day.

Mahiru: Um, good luck…

Popura: Hey, what are you talking about?

She shows up with Aoi.

Takanashi: Oh, it’s nothing, senpai!

Popura: Come on!

Aoi: To tell the truth, I and Inami went to his…

He suddenly shuts her up and take her away.

Popura: Aoi?!

For some reason, he doesn’t want Aoi to tell Popura about their staying.

Mahiru: Can’t you just tell her that we stayed at your home the other day? I feel sorry for Taneshima.

Takanashi: No, she could learn about my sisters or my old days by any chances. I want to keep the whole things of my family secret from her!

Mahiru: But she looks a little upset. Is that okay?

Takanashi: Yes, she looks pretty even when she isn’t very happy.

Mahiru: Not that way…

Up to the moment, Aoi is about to stop her breathing as he’s been holding her mouth, by the way.

( to be continued )


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