All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi: I’ll take my leave, then.

He’s getting off his work.

Popura: Are you in a hurry? Don’t you get home with Inami today?

Takanashi: No, shouyu (soy sauce) are on sale today!

Popura: Shouyu?

Takanashi: Right! They might have been sold out just before the closing time. But I don’t want to give up until the very end even if I don’t stand a good chance of getting them!

He looks unusually determined today.

Popura: …Good luck.

Takanashi: Thank you!

In the meantime, Mahiru is hearing their conversation in the changing room.

Mahiru: ( So I lost to shouyu… )

After him leaving, Popura makes a sigh at Kotorichan’s picture.

Popura: She’s just amazing, after all. She’s tall and adult, but has both sweetness and dignity as well. Katanashi is the ideal woman, isn’t he?

Sato: Only if he weren’t a man. You know, it’s not my type anyway.

It seems that Popura is still absorbed in Kotorichan.

Sato: Are you still saying such a thing, by the way? You might care for women, eh? I’ve had it enough with Todoroki.

Popura: No, it’s not like love! She’s just my model! Well, how can I put it out…

she’s like “byooon, boom, bang” I just want to become like her!

It’s hard to tell the image that she’s got of Kotorichan.

Sato: You must become taller in the first place.

Popura: Ugh, I suppose so…

Sato: Even becoming tall, you may not find it very handy. You know, I nearly hit my head all the time. I tend to stand out in the crowd even though I don’t want to.

Popura: Uh…

Sato: I can reach everywhere and, if I don’t mind others, it’s easy to keep a good viewing in the theater or at fireworks. In the packed subway car, I can keep my head above the others so I can breath easily.

Popura: You’ve started bragging yourself in the middle, right?!

She realizes she’s been made fun of by him again.

( to be continued )


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