All different kinds of OTAKU



It seems Popura wouldn’t like to give up on Takanashi’s cross-dressing.

Popura: Uh, I wonder if he’s going to cross-dress again.

Sato: He won’t.

Popura: But, thinking back on it, Inami was able to touch him when he was cross-dressing. So, if he does it again, not only Inami can get close to him but also I can get some beauty essence from him! He can make everyone happy, after all!

Sato: Takanashi himself wouldn’t be happy, eh?

Popura: Oh, you’re right…

Sato: You’d better give up on his cross-dressing already.

Popura: Maybe he keeps things secret from me since I have such ideas.

Sato: I don’t know.

Popura: Maybe he even hates me?

Mahiru: That isn’t true, Taneshima!

She talks to her over the door.

Popura: Inami?!

Mahiru: ( He doesn’t just want Popura to know about his sisters. ) He rather likes you, quite rather than me…

She’s depressed saying it by herself.

Popura: Your voice is trembling, Inami?!

Sato: You’re short so he likes you as Inami said.

Popura: I’m not sure. Oh, isn’t it his student ID?

She finds a small booklet on the floor.

Popura: There’s even a train pass in it. He must have dropped it! He’ll be in a trouble without it tomorrow. I have to send it to his home!

Mahiru: What?!

Sato: Are you all right on your own? I’ve still got my work so I can’t give you a ride.

Popura: Don’t worry! It looks like his home is rather near from here. I’ll be going now!

Sato: See ya.

Mahiru: ( It won’t be good if she meets Kozue at his home! But I can’t go out now! I haven’t changed yet! )

She’s pretty worried about the situation that is most likely to happen.

( to be continued )


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