All different kinds of OTAKU



The deal Popura offered Takanashi turned out a date with Mahiru.

Takanashi: I thought you’d just tell me to do cross-dressing.

By the way, Mahiru, who’s just passed by them, is totally panicked at the news. She just keeps appealing “impossible!”

Popura: That is… okay, I’d like to see it, though. For your better understanding of woman’s heart and my thanks for Inami since I’ve been always helped a lot by her.

Takanashi: Besides me, how does the date work for Inami?

She gets upset because she can’t slip Mahiru’s secret love for him.

Popura: I-It would also help your work for fixing her androphobia, right?

Soma: How about this?

Takanashi: Whoa, Soma?!

He’s pretty surprised at his sudden showing up.

Soma: You go out with her by cross-dressing!

Takanashi: Don’t be kidding with a smile!

Soma: Give it a careful thought.

Takanashi: No, I don’t even need that!

Soma: It’s okay you going out with her in man’s looking, but think she might get a real boyfriend in the future, isn’t it nice of you to keep her first date later for him?

Takanashi: Um…

Soma: So, with your cross-dressing, it wouldn’t be counted as her first date, right?

Takanashi: Soma, I can see the words “funny” behind you.

Soma: Just your imagination! In that way, Inami wouldn’t get so nervous, too. What do you say, Inami?

Mahiru: Oh!

She’s been too confused at the date to answer anything.

Soma: For Taneshima, you’ll be able to catch a glance at Kotorichan, too.

Popura: It’s amazing! You’re so smart, Soma!

Takanashi: Come on! ( Why do I have to wear a disguise for Inami’s future boyfriend? However it should look pretty bad getting beaten up by her in man’s looking out there. I’ve got to keep the promise with senpai as well as I’d like to see how Inami’s androphobia getting better. I hate cross-dressing, though… )

After a long thought, he answers.

Takanashi: I’m OK with the date but not with cross-dressing.

Mahiru: Has the date itself been set in stone?!

( to be continued )


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