All different kinds of OTAKU



Popura couldn’t get any help in the kitchen as she expected.

Popura: Reckoning the real event, we should do a run-through with the date himself.

Mahiru looks pretty awkward being dragged around, by the way.

Takanashi: The date…

He’s wiping glasses at the counter, where Popura appears with Mahiru.

Popura: Katanashi!

Takanashi: Uh-oh, you finally did it?

He’s shocked to see Mahiru in the ropes.

Popura: Isn’t it a good idea?

Takanashi: To tell the truth, I’ve had the same idea once before.

Mahiru: ( You have?! )

Popura: In that case, why don’t you touch her with your hand?

Takanashi: Well, but if I’m doing that…

As he fearfully reaches his hand to her, she becomes totally embarrassed.

Mahiru: N-No!!!

She kicks him in the stomach.

Takanashi: Ugh!! Y-You see, I-I figured she’d use her legs instead…

Popura: ( She got even more powerful! )

They went back to the discussion.

Popura: Through our experiment, we learned she uses kicks when she can’t move hands.

Takanashi: I suppose she might use head-butting or biting as well. So we should comprehensively take care of her androphobia.

All: ( Now we’ve got even more problems. )

Mahiru: I-I think we should cancel the date, after all.

Takanashi: Huh?

Popura: Inami…

Mahiru: I couldn’t work it out even with the ropes! If I go out with him, I’d be hitting and hitting him!

Takanashi: I’ve known it.

Mahiru: What?

Takanashi: I accepted the date even knowing it. So, you don’t have to worry about me.

She’s happy and embarrassed at his words.

Popura and Aoi: Woo!

Takanashi: Now let’s get back to our work.

Popura: He’s a man, isn’t he?

Mahiru: Yup…

They’re all moved by his courage.

( to be continued )


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