All different kinds of OTAKU



The evening before their date.

Takanashi: Now I’ll take a leave.

Yachiyo: You two are off tomorrow, right?

Takanashi: Yes. See you, then.

Mahiru: See you.

Yachiyo: Good bye.

Kyoko: Bye.

Seeing them off, Yachiyo notices something about tomorrow’s shifts. Takanashi and Mahiru are just parting for each home on the way.

Takanashi: See you tomorrow.

Mahiru: Y-Yes…

Takanashi: Are you OK with the time?

Mahiru: Yes, I won’t be late!

Takanashi: Me, neither. Good night.

Mahiru: Good night!

After getting home, Takanashi is doing dishes with Nazuna.

Nazuna: Tomorrow?

Takanashi: Yeah, I’ll be just going out. I’ll make lunch for you before that.

Nazuna: Well, that’s OK. Where are you going, big bro?

Takanashi: Where? Hm, where does Inami want to go?

Nazuna: What? Are you going out with Inami?

Takanashi: Yeah, there were some reasons and I also wanted to see the result of the daily training.

Nazuna: What result? Oh! ( It couldn’t be… )

She remembers the time she once asked Mahiru if Takanashi liked being beat and Mahiru replied yes by mistake.

Nazuna: ( That is… )

She steps away from him assuming him a pervert.

Takanashi: What’s the matter, Nazuna?

Nazuna: I, I wish you good luck!

Takanashi: Thanks?

Getting back in his room, he’s thinking about his outfits tomorrow.

Takanashi: Which one should I wear for? Maybe It might be an important day for me tomorrow…

( to be continued )


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